Bees Groups

Bees (New Orleans) (gm Billy Bland)

– Baby Blues, ’54 (Imperial-unreleased)

– Sunny Side Of The Street, ’54 (Imperial-unreleased)

– Why Don’t You Do Right, ’54 (Imperial-unreleased)

– Toy Bell/ Snatchin’ Back, ’54 (Imperial 5314)

– I Want To Be Loved/ Get Away Baby, ’54 (Imperial 5320)

– Darling Please, ’54 (Imperial-unreleased)

– Darling Please, ’73 (Sold 505)

  • Flip is ‘Hopin’ For Your Return’ by the Savoys.

– Darling Please, ’74 (Owl 325)

  • Flip is ‘My Secret’ by the Barons.

– Dreaming In The Meadow/ Eyes For You Only, ’55 (Imperial-unreleased & Firefly 325, ’74)


The book listed associated artist as Bobby Bland.  Research indicated group member was Billy Bland instead.

Most unreleased material listed in the book has been verified through reliable sources.


Honey and The Bees (Unknown Origin) – Almost Eighteen/ Please Go Away, ’59 (Pentagon 500)

  • The book listed as part of the Philly group.  Scans found.


Bees (Ohio)

– So Jealous/ Terror {I}, ’59 (Finch 506)

– Oh Yes/ Tough Enough, ’62 (Finch 7321)

  • The book mixed two of the titles on the two Finch releases and omitted the other two.  The released was dated N/A.


Honey & The Bees (Philly) 

– You Better Go Now/ Why Do You Hurt The One Who Loves You, ’68 (Arctic 141)

  • Book dated as N/A.

 – Love Addict/ I’ll Be There, ’68 (Arctic149)

  • Not in book.

– Sunday Kind Of Love/ Baby Do That Thing, ’68 (Arctic 158)

– That’s What Boys Are Made For/ Has Somebody Taken My Place, ’72 (Bell 217)

gms are Nadine Felder White, Cassandra Ann Wooten, Jean Davis Sanders and Gwen (Oliver) Wesley, as/ Discogs.


Most sources connect the Bell release to the Arctic group and the Ritchie family.  The Josie releases were not included in the book.  


See for a complete discography.  They also include the Pentagon release (1959) which is not thought to be part of the Philly group.


Honey & The Bees error – Let’s Get Back Together Now, ’N/A (Garrison 3005)  This is Let’s Get Back Together by the Honey Bees.


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