Barons Groups

Barons (New York)

– Exactly Like You/ Forget About Me, ’54 (Decca 29293)

– A Year And A Day (ft Sam Taylor-Tenor Sax)/ My Baby’s Gone, ’54 (Decca 48323)


as Buddies – I Stole Your Heart/ I Waited, ’55 (Glory 230)


As/Marv Goldberg, Larry Harrison (formerly of the Four Buddies on Savoy) formed a new group (The Barons on Decca) along with Roger Wainwright, Luther Dixon and Danny Ferguson.

As the Buddies in 1955, they recorded for the Glory label with Maurice Hicks replacing Danny Ferguson.

  • The Barons (New York) group is not Mel Williams connected.


Barons (Tacoma)

– I Love You Baby/ My Secret (Imperial-unreleased)

– Hold Me Baby/ Shake The Dice, ’55 (Imperial-unreleased)

– Eternally Yours/ Boom Boom, ’55 (Imperial 5343)

– My Dream, My Love/ I Know I Was Wrong, ’55 (Imperial 5359)

– Searching For You/ Cold Kisses, ’55 (Imperial 5370)

– Cryin’ For You Baby/ So Long, My Darling, ’56 (Imperial 5383)

– Don’t Walk Out/ Once In A Lifetime, ’56 (Imperial 5397)

– My Secret, ’74 (Owl 325)

  • Flip is ‘Darling Please’ by the Bees.


gms are William “Billy” Gold (lead), Eddie Ray, Andrew Fisher, George Bonney and Danny Williams, as/45cat.


See for a group history.


Walter Miller With The Barons (Memphis) – My Last Mile/ Standing On The Highway, ’56 (Meteor 5037)


Barons (Hollywood Label) (w Bruce Locke & His Orch) – Gravel Gert/ The Fight, ’59 (Demon 1520)

The book listed in error with the Detroit group.


Barons (Greenwood SC Label) – Jay Walk {I}/ If You Want A Little Lovin [sic], ’59 (Key 1001)

  • The book listed in error as part of Detroit Group.


The following source lists included group members as Henry L. Taylor (1923-2010), Milton H. Taylor and Johnny Cox.


At, mention is made that Johnny Cox wrote and recorded ‘Black Slacks’ with the Barons.

  • This information is confusing and might be without merit.
    • Any details I found credit Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones charting ‘Black Slacks’ in 1957.  All sources list gms, without mention of Johnny Cox.  A talent scout, Bob Cox became involved with the Sparkletones.


Barons (Detroit) as Peppermints – Believe Me/ Teen-Age Idol, ’59 (House Of Beauty 1-2)


Barons(Detroit) (Formerly The Peppermints) – I’ve Been Hurt/ Willow Weep For Me, ’61 (Spartan 400)


Barons (Detroit)

– I Miss You So/ Money Don’t Grow On Trees, ’61 (Spartan 402)

– Dog Eat Dog/ Money Don’t Grow On Trees, ’61 (Soul 837)

– While The Cats [sic] Away (ft Roger Craton), ‘61(Soul 838)

  • The flip is ‘We’re Drifting Apart by the Glows.


Barons (Houston) (w The Keynotes)

– Lula Mae/ Lovely Loretta, ’60 (Dart 126)

  • No B-side scan.

Perfect Love/ Until The 13th Chimes, ’60 (Dart 134)


Barons (Connecticut) (ref John Cortese, Stan Vincent)

– Pledge Of A Fool/ Don’t Go Away (Pretty Little Girl), ’63 (Epic 9586 & Epic 10093, ’66)

– Remember Rita/ Lucky Star, ’64 (Epic 9747)


as Kooltones – Traveling Stranger, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A03) 

as Pretenders – Pennies From Heaven, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A08)

Barons (Connecticut) – When You Dance (A Capella), ’65 (Relic LP 101 A10)


Barons (Bellaire TX) – The Bandit/ Wanderin’, ’63 (Bellaire 103)


Barons (Brooklyn) – Wild Weekend {I}, ’63 (Mohawk 902)

  • Flip is Chapel Of Tears by Lonnie & The Carollons.


Barons (Garage Rock Group) – (I Just Go) Wild Inside/ Silence, ’64 (Imperial 66057)


Barons (Florida Group) – Drawbridge/ Lovin’ Man, ’67 (Tener 1011)

  • Scans found.
  • The book listed label as Tender 511 and dated 1958.
  • The Orlando, Fl group has several other garage/psychedelic releases.


Eddie Bo With The Barons (New Orleans) – Gotta Have More/ Come To Me, ’64 (Blue Jay 154)


Barrons (KRCO/Whitehall) – Song Of Songs/ Brigitte, ’59 (KRCO 101)

Barrons (KRCO/Whitehall) – Brigitte/ Song Of Songs, ’59 (Whitehall 30008)

Book listed as a Barons group.  Both sides are vocal.


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