Ballards Groups

Ballards (Billie Brown & The) – I See A Girl/ Why Baby Why, ’63 (Eltone 439)

  • Male artist spelled on scan as “Billie.”
  • No scan for a-side.


Ballards/ Ballads (California) – I Hope I Never Fall In Love/ Do It Now, ’61 (Veltone 1738)

  • B-side ‘Do It Now’ credited as ‘Ballards’ scan found.
    • lists the group as ‘Ballads’ and dates the Veltone release as 1961, with a B-side title as ‘Do You Know’.
    • The Ballads/ Fabulous Ballads releases are outlined in this article, with their various gms included.

Ballards/ Ballads gms: Les Palmer, Nate Romerson, Rico Thompson and Bobby Meade.


In an article @, the author notes the relationship between the Ballards/ Ballads and Fred Hughes as having the same producer, Lonnie Hewitt.

Other than this association, no one called Fred/Freddie Hughes (Berkeley or Compton, California) was a member of the Ballards/ Ballads group.


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