Balladeers & Balladiers Groups

Balladeers (New York)

as Bill Mathews & The Ballardiers – Please Give My Heart A Break/ Rock And Roll, ‘49 (Arlington 201)

as Balladeers – Red Sails In The Sunset/ It Ain’t Right, ’50 (Jubilee 5021)

as Billy Matthews & The Balladeers – If You Only Knew/ I Never Knew I Loved You, 50 (Jubilee 5024)


Balladeers (RCA Victor) (w Peter King Orchestra & Chorus) – Goodbye Little Girl/ I Wish I Was Single Again (Don’t Ever Get Married), ’52 (RCA 4612)


Balladeers (Clifton Group)

– On Sunday Afternoon/ 11th Hour Melody, ’90 (Clifton 89)

– Red Sails In The Sunset (3:02)/ Give Me You, ’92 (Clifton 96)

  • This ‘Red Sails’ title is not a remake of Jubilee 5021.


gms: Joe Cleary, Courtney Bailey, Dave Moore, Harold Leither, and John Paloney.


Balladiers (LA)

– Keep Me With You/ Please Don’t Deceive My Heart, ’48 (Aladdin 3008)

  • Not in book.

– What Will I Tell My Heart/ Forget Me Not, ’52 (Aladdin 3123)


Balladiers (Hollywood) – My Love For You, ’56 (Wrimus 701)

  • Flip is ‘Dance The Rhythm And Blues’ is by the Rocketts.


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