Bachelors Groups

Bachelors & Orchestra (LA Label) – Is This Goodbye/ Week End Blues, ’51 (International 777)

Dean Barlow is not connected to this group.


Note: As/ Marv Goldberg “In 1947 began by calling themselves the Cavaliers” (for about a week.)

as Jets – The Lovers/ Drag It Home, Baby, ’53 (Rainbow 201)


Bachelors (Washington DC)

– Can’t Help Loving You/ Pretty Baby, ’53 (Aladdin 3210)

  • No scan for B-side.  Youtube shows a playbill with the sides listed.

– Raining In My Heart/ Baby (Lead Robert Russell), ’56 (Royal Roost-unreleased)

– You’ve Lied (Lead Robert Russell)/ I Found Love, ’56 (Royal Roost 620)

– After/ You Know You Know (I Love You), ’57 (Poplar 101)


as Links – Ba-Bee/ She’s The One, ’58 (Teenage 1009)


backing Billy Mitchell – Bottomless Pit/ The Rock And Roll Tango, ’57 (Poplar 105)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg the following backed Billy Mitchell: Waverly Mason, Charles Booker, Robert Russell, Walter Taylor, John Bowie, James Taylor & Herbert Fisher.


Bachelors (Bronx-NY) – I Want To Know About Love/ Dolores, ’55 (Earl 101)


Bachelors (Dean Barlow & The) – Baby/ Tell Me Now, ’55 (Earl 102)


Bachelors (Unknown Group) – Selfish, ’55 (Palace 140)

  • No scan.


Bachelors (LA)

– Bachelor Mambo/ In A Little Inn In Italy, ’55 (Excel 105)

TE-E-E-E-EX-AS/ I’m Lost, ’55 (Excel 106)


Bachelors (Connecticut)

– From Your Heart/ A Million Teardrops, ’57 (National 104)

– I Want A Girl (Shame Shame On You)/ Today, Tomorrow, Forever, ’58 (National 115)

  • Scans found.

Sometimes/ Teenage Memory, ’58 (MGM 12668)

  • Comment below links the MGM and National groups.
  • Kenny ‘Vance’ Vogt and the Planotones’ Kenny Vance are not the same people.


Bachelors (Epic Group) – Bachelors’ Club/ Do The Madison, ’60 (Epic 9369)

  • ref Chuck Sagle.


Bachelors (Mercury Label Subsidiary) – Day I Met You/ Hey Little Girl, ’61 (Smash 1723)


Tony La Mar & The Band Of Bachelors – Don’t Leave Me/ You Do Something To Me, ’63 (Five-Four 5440)

  • Label scans show as both 5/4 and Five-Four.


4 thoughts on “Bachelors Groups

  1. The Bachelors on Excel 105 & 106 is an LA group. 106 is (A) T-e-e-e-e-ex-as
    and (B) I’m Lost
    picture of the A-side here: [[edit: indirect link removed]] don’t know where I found it, it’s not great

    • Thanks for the info. Didn’t find an Excel 106 label. Did find a UK seller listing as Te-e-e-ex-as but the item had been removed so there was no view. Can you confirm the dashes in Te-e-e-ex-as?

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