Autumns/Joel Katz

Most label scans for the Autumns are as the group only.  Scans that credit Joel Katz are identified.


Autumns – Dearest Little Angel/ Maureen, ’64 (Medieval 208)

Autumns (Joel (Katz) & The) – Dearest Little Angel/ Maureen, ’79 (Clifton 34)


Autumns – Never/ Exodus, ’66 (Amber 856 & Power 871) (Acappella appears under artist name.)


Autumns – Lorraine, ’66 (Snowflake LP 1002) (Book does not list this comp.  No track scan.)

Autumns – Over The Rainbow, ’66 (Snowflake 1004) (Book does not list this release.)



In 1978 the group was reformed by Joel Katz and Eddie Brian.

Autumns (ft Joel) – A 1950’s Love Song/ The 2nd Time Around, ’79 (Jade 110150)

Autumns (Joel & The) – A 1950’s Love Song/ The 2nd Time Around, ’79 (J&M 646) 


Autumns (ft Dickie) – Seven-Up Jingles, ’80 (Clifton 52)

Autumns (ft Joel) – Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, ’80 (Clifton 52)


Autumns (ft Dickie Harmon) – Dancer/ Thank You Pretty Lady, ’81 (BAB 128)


Autumns backing as Maria (BV Vocals-The Autumns) – Goodbye Angel Baby/ Departed, ’80 (BAB 125) (Book listed as Maria (& Group))


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