Atlantics Groups

Atlantics (gm: Delbert Franklin, Chick Carlton, Gaynel Hodge, Barry White.)

as Atlantics – Boo-Hoo-Hoo/ Everything Is Gonna Be All Right, ’61 (Linda 103)

as Majestics – Strange World/ Everything Is Gonna Be All Right (re-issue), ’63 (Linda 111) (Group is connected to Chick Carlton’s Majestics.)



The Hollywood Atlantics gms are reported to be:  Carl White (Lamplighters, Sharps), John ‘Sonny’ Harris (Feathers, Lamplighters, Sharps), Al Frazier (Lamplighters, Sharps), Rocky Wilson (Sharps), Gaynell Hodge (Atlantics) & Barry White (Atlantics) (These gms appear to be a list of how the Rivingtons were formed.  Other than writing credits for some, their roles in the Atlantics recording group is unclear.

Atlantics (Hollywood) – Remember The Night/ Flame Of Love, ’62 (Linda 107)


Atlantics (Hollywood) – Flame Of Love (reissue), ’63 (Faro 613)

Atlantics (Hollywood) (Barry White & The) – Tracy (All I Have Is You), ’63 (Faro 613) (Some scan are as ‘Tracy (All I Have Is Yours.’)


Atlantics (Hollywood) (Lead Barry White) – Let Me Call You Sweetheart/ Home On The Range, ’65 (Rampart 614)

As a group they recorded Linda 107.  The split accreditation on Faro 613 is either with/without these members.  Gms are unknown on Rampart 614. (They were not the El Monte group members.)



Atlantics (El Monte Group)

– Beaver Shot/ Fine Fine Fine, ’65 (Rampart 643)

– Sloop Dance/ Sonny & Cher, ’65 (Rampart 647)

(As/( gms are: Jimmie Meza (lead guitar), Juan Meza (rhythm guitar), Ruben Garcia (sax). Manuel Garcia (bass), Jim Hughes (vocals), Frank Ascolese (drums), Mike Quinvilla (trumpet) & Carmen Caudillo (vocals).  The group disbanded after these releases.)


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