Apollos Groups

Apollos (NJ) – I Love You Darling/ Bandstand Baby, ’59 (Harvard 803)


Apollos (Florida) – Just Dreaming/ Rockin’ Horses, ’60 (Mercury 71614)



Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Ronnie Brown) – I Can’t Believe It, ’61 (Galaxy 707)

as Ella Jamerson Of The Apollos – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, ’61 (Galaxy 707)


Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Hiram Walker) – Lord, Lord, Lord, ’61 (Galaxy 708)

Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Joann Washington) – Say A Prayer, ’61 (Galaxy 708)



Apollos (Wisconsin) – Good For A Laugh {I}/ For Pete’s Sake, ’62 (Cite 5006)


Apollos (Wisconsin) as The Apollos & Paul Stefen – Cry Angel Cry/ You, ’62 (Cite 5008)


Apollos (Wisconsin) as Paul Steffen & The Apollos – Hey Lonely One/ The Devil’s Soul Is Black, ’63 (Cite 5007)

All sources mixed Cite # and dating sequencing.



Apollos (Wisconsin) as Danny Peil & The Apollos – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

Apollos (Wisconsin) – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)

and as

Tigers (Danny Peil & The) – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

Tigers – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)

The picture sleeve isas by The Jingle Jumpers.

Personnel for these Apollos is unclear.  Danny Peil had replaced Paul Stefen, and one source credits Roland Oeller as a group member.



Apollos (Los Angeles) – No Money, ’62 (Tide 1084-85) (Repo scan are as Bobby Charles & The Apollos.)

Apollos (Los Angeles) (Bobby Charles & The) – Forget, ’62 (Tide 1084-85)

Both R&B titles play on youtube.com/watch?v=lIYm9jYBT9A.

See comment from Gary Myers to separate the Tide label Bobby Charles’ from the Louisiana ‘Bobby Charles’.

(Info for Louisiana Bobby Charles was found – See (npr.org/2012/06/13/150960729/the-untold-story-of-…) for more about his swamp-pop sound and connections.)

Another link to the Louisiana Bobby Charles is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Charles.  Hear his ‘Swamp-Pop’  ’See You Alligator’ at youtube.com/watch?v=BDiA7PeYMm8.


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  1. The Bobby Charles on Tide is not the N.O. (“Later Alligator”) guy. I did a story on him in ’91 & asked him about that sometime back then. I still don’t know who the Tide guy is, but I hope to find out someday, as I have a long story on the label (for which I also recorded).

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