Angels (NJ Female Group)

Angels (NJ) began as Starlets (NJ)

– PS I Love You/ Where Is My Love Tonight, ’60 (Astro 202-203)

– Romeo And Juliet/ Listen For A Lonely Tambourine, ’60 (Astro 204)

(gms: Barbara and Phyllis Allbut (Angels NJ members) and Linda Malzone and Bernadette Carroll.)


Angels (NJ) – ‘Til/ A Moment Ago, ’61 (Caprice 107)

(Barbara and Phyllis Allbut & Linda Jansen)


Angels (NJ) (w Hutch Davie Orch)

– Cry Baby Cry/ That’s All I Ask Of You, ’62 (Caprice 112) (Linda Jansen was still a member.)

– Everybody Loves A Lover/ Blow Joe, ’62 (Caprice 116) (Peggy Antiglia replaced Linda Jansen.)


Angels (NJ) (w the Gerry Granahan Orch) – I’d Be Good For You/ You Should Have Told Me, ’62 (Caprice 118)


Angels (NJ)

– A Moment Ago/ Cotton Fields, ’62 (Caprice 121) (Label format is different from other Caprice labels.)

– Cotton Fields/ Irresistible, ’63 (Ascot 2139)



Angels (NJ) (Peggy Santiglia becomes lead.)

– My Boyfriend’s Back/ (Love Me) Now, ’63 (Smash 1834)

– I Adore Him/ Thank You And Goodnight, ’63 (Smash 1854)

– Wow Wow Wee (He’s The Boy For Me)/ Snowflakes And Teardrops, ’64 (Smash 1870)

– Little Beatle Boy/ Java, ’64 (Smash 1885)

– Dream Boy/ Jamaica Joe, ’64 (Smash 1915)

– The Boy From Crosstown/ World Without Love, ’64 (Smash 1931)



The 1965 Angie & The Chicklettes interlude is Jean Thomas with unspecified members of The Angels.  There was one release as this group name.


The Halos interlude is Barbara and Phyllis Allbut forming a new group with Toni Mason on lead.  Their releases were:

– Do I/ Just Keep On Loving Me, ’65 (Congress 244 & Con-Gress 244X)

– Since I Fell For You/ You’re Never Gonna Find, ’65 (Congress 249)

– Baby What You Want Me To Do/ Hey Hey Love Me, ’65 (Congress 253)

– Come Softly To Me/ He’s Just Too Much, ’66 (Congress 262)



Angles (NJ) (Lead is now Debra Swisher.)

– What To Do/ I Had A Dream I Lost You, ’67 (RCA 9129)

– You’ll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)/ Go Out And Play, ’67 (RCA 9246)

– With Love/ You’re The Cause Of It, ’67 (RCA 9404)



Angles (NJ) (Lead is former Starlet Bernadette Carroll)

– The Modley: Moments To Remember-Theme From A Summer Place-One Summer Night/ If I Didn’t Love You, ’68 (RCA 9541)

– The Boy With The Green Eyes/ But For Love, ’68 (RCA 9612)

– Merry-Go-Round/ So Nice (Samba De Verao), ’68 (RCA 9681)



Angeles (NJ) – Poppa’s Side Of The Bed/ You’re All I Need To Get By, ’74 (Polydor 14222)

(Lead Peggy Santiglia, Barbara & Phyllis Allbut).  Scans show both sides as ‘Poppa’s Side Of The Bed.’  As/ [] and other sources, a b-side pressing was ‘You’re All I Need To Get By.’)


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