Andy Starr (Arkansas) & Strikes (Texas)

Andy Starr (Arkansas), born Franklin Delano Gulledge, originally recorded as Frank Starr.  His releases are a honky-tonk and rockabilly mix with an Elvis influence on some releases.  The book listed ‘One More Time’ under the Notes (Philadelphia) group.  The Notes doowop ‘Round And Round’ is a different song than Andy Starr’s rockabilly ‘Round And Round.’   This post follows Andy Starr’s recording history as both Frank & Andy Starr with respective backing groups.  Of note is a performing group Starr used in Alaska (circa 1959) called the Blue Notes.  No recordings are known with this backing group.  A complete biography can be found at ( (master index).


Andy Starr (Arkansas) as Frank Starr & His Rock-away Boys – The Dirty Bird Song (You Can’t Hardly Get Them No More)/ Dig Them Squeaky Shoes, ’55 (Lin 1009)

Andy Starr (Arkansas) as Frank Starr & The Rock-Away Boys – Tell Me Why/ For The Want Of Your Love, ’55 (Lin 1013)


Andy Starr (Arkansas)

– Rockin’, Rollin’ Stone/ I Wanna Go South, ’55 (MGM 12263)

– She’s A Going Jessie/ Old Deacon Jones, ’55 (MGM 12315)


Andy Starr (Arkansas) (BB Strikes (Texas)-uncredited)

– Round And Round/ Give Me A Woman, ’56 (MGM 12364)

– One More Time/ No Room For Your Kind, ’56 (MGM 12421)


Andy Starr (Arkansas) – Do It Right Now/ I Waited For You To Remember, ’57 (Kapp 190X)


Andy Starr (Arkansas) as Frank Starr

– Evil Eye/ Knees Shakin’, ’61 (Holiday Inn Records 104)

– Little Bitty Feeling/ Lost In A Dream, ’61 (Holiday Inn Records 108)


Andy Starr (Arkansas) as Frank Starr (BB Nashville A-Team & The Jordonaires.) – Pledge Of Love/ Me And The Fool, ’63 (Lin 5033)



The Strikes, from Texas, are a group in their own right.  Jacobs, Scott & Kunz are billed as The Three Pelves.  Andy Starr is not part of their group.

Strikes (Vocal by The Three Pelves) – Baby I’m Sorry/ If You Can’t Rock Me, ’56 (Lin 5006)

Strikes – Baby I’m Sorry/ If You Can’t Rock Me, ’56 (Imperial 5433) (Vocal credit not on label.)


Strikes – Rockin’/ I Don’t Want To Cry Over You, ’57 (Imperial 5433)


As/, gms included:  Willie Jacobs, Kenneth Ewing Scott, Paul Kunz, Albert Branden Cornelius, Don Alexander, and Walter Paschal Parsons.


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