Andre Williams/Don Juans & The Five Dollars

As/ “Fortune frequently used the group to back other artists, which is why there were two names. The Don Juans was the name used when they were the backup group, and the Five Dollars was reserved for when they were the primary recording artists.”  Mary Goldberg has a complete history of the Five Dollars (5 Dollars in the article) which shows a similar path with the Don Juans.  His article also includes additional information about the Fortune label operation.

This post shows the group name used on the label in descending label order.  Except where noted, scans were found.  When the Don Juans are not label-credited, they are not included in the artist credits.


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w The Don Juans) – Going Down To Tia Juana/ Pulling Time, ’55 (Fortune 824)


Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm) (w Music Directed by Joe Weaver) – Mozelle/ Just Want A Little Lovin’, ’58 (Fortune 827)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w The Don Juans) – It’s All Over/ Bobby Jean, ’56 (Fortune 828)


Andre Williams And His New Group – Just Because Of A Kiss/ Didlee, Didlee Womp, Womp (Bacon Fat), ’56 (Fortune 831)

Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) – Just Because Of A Kiss/ Bacon Fat, ’56 (Epic 9196) (& His New Group uncredited on label.)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w Todd Rhodes Orch) – You Are My Sunshine, ’56 (Fortune 834)

Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w Vocal Group) – Mean Jean, ’56 (Fortune 834)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w Charlie Norris Orch) – My Tears/ Jail Bait, ’56 (Fortune 837)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w With Ted Walker Orch) – The Greasy Chicken, ’57 (Fortune 839)

Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) With The Don Juans (Detroit) (w Charlie Morris Orch) – Come On, Baby, ’57 (Fortune 839)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) Gino Parks (w Ted Walker Orch) – Don’t Touch, ’57 (Fortune 839)

Andre WilliamsPlease Pass The Biscuits, ’57 (Fortune 839)

(According to sources #839 was used multiple times.)


Andre Williams (Mr Rhythm) Gino Parks (w Ted Walker Orch) – Don’t Touch, ’57 (Fortune 839X)

Andre WilliamsPass The Biscuits Please, ’57 (Fortune 839X) (Title change on this issue.)


Andrew Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w The Don Juans) – My Last Dance With You, ’58 (Fortune 842)

Andrew Williams (Mr Rhythm) (w Ted Walker Orch) – Hey! Country Girl, ’58 (Fortune 842) (Don Juans uncredited on label.)


Andre Williams & Gino Parks (w The Diablos) – (Georgia May Is) Movin’, ’60 (Fortune 851)

Andre Williams (w The Five Dollars) – (M m m m- -Andre Williams Is) Movin’, ’60 (Fortune 851) (As/souces, label lists Five Dollars but Fortune used another group.  Second voice Gino Park, Walker Hamilton Combo)


Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams (w The Inspirations (Detroit) & Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra) – I Still Love You, ’60 (Fortune 856)

Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams (w The Inspirations (Detroit)) – Jail House Blues, ’60 (Fortune 856)


Andre Williams – Mrs Mother USA/ Cadillac Jack, ’68 (Checker 1205)


Other releases with Don Juans

Don Lane (w The Don Juans) – The Cha-Cha Of Love/ Ooh! Ooh! Those Eyes, ’56 (Fortune 520) (The book credited artist as Andre Williams.)


Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra – It Must Be Love (No Group), ’56 (Fortune 825)

Joe Weaver (w The Don Juans) – Baby, I Love You So, ’56 (Fortune 825)


Joe Weaver (w The Don Juans) – Baby Child/ Looka Here, Pretty Baby, ’56 (Fortune 832)


Little Eddie & The Don Juans (w Charlie Morris & His Orch) – This Is A Miracle/ Calypso Beat, ’57 (Fortune 836) (The book dated 1955 and a source dated as 1959.  Most sources date 1957.)


Marsha Renay & The Don Juans – It’s Nice, ’60 (Hi-Q 5017) (The Five Dollars are not on the label.)

Marsha Renay – Cha-Lypso Of Love, ’60 (Hi-Q 5017)


Unrelated to Andre Williams/Don Juans

Lee Thomas & The Don Juans (New York Label Group) – Baby Don’t You Care/ Yum Yum, ’56 (Jaguar 3020) (No b-side scan found.)

(There is a Marv Goldberg interview with Charles Evans separating the Detroit group from this group of Don Juans)



Don Juans (Unknown Group) – The Girl Of My Dreams/ Dolores, ’59 (Onezy 101)


Five Dollars

– Doctor Baby/ Harmony Of Love, ’55 (Fortune 821 & Fraternity 821, ’58)

(No scans for Fraternity.  The Fraternity discography by Globaldog lists the releases as ‘5 Dollar’.  Otherwise, sources omit or do not list Fraternity 821 or the Five Dollars sides on Fraternity discographies.)

– So Strange/ You Know I Can’t Refuse, ’56 (Fortune 826)

– That’s The Way It Goes/ My Baby-O, ’60 (Fortune 854)

– The Bells/ Weekend Man, ’63 (Fortune LP 8016 & Skylark 561, ’79)


Five Dollars (ft Little Eddie) – I Will Wait/ Hard Working Mama, ’56 (Fortune 830)


Five Dollars (ft Little Eddie) – How To Do The Bacon Fat, ’57 (Fortune 833)

Five Dollars (ft Charles Evans) – You Fool, ’57 (Fortune 833)

As/Marv Goldberg, #833 also plays ‘I’m Wandering’ by the Five Jets which was accidentally pressed as ‘How To Do The Bacon Fat’ on the label.  He further comments that it’s not possible to tell the difference on the label – only by the groove track.


Five Dollars as Little Eddie & The Dollars – My Mama Said/ Yellow Moon, ’59 (Fortune 845)


Jim San (w The Five Dollars) – You Don’t Know (My Mind)/ We’re Gonna Rock, ’58 (Hi-Q 5009)

(The a-side scan is as/post.  No scan found for b-side.  The book and other sources list artist as Jim Sands.)


Jim San (w Ted Walker’s Band) – You Don’t Know My Mind/ We’re Gonna Rock, ’58 (Hi-Q 5010) (Both sides credit Ted Walker’s Band.)


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  1. Baby, Don’t You Care – 56 Jaguar 3020
    The Don Juans are the supposed unnamed group but is unlikley because
    Don Juans who were a Detroit group on a NY label????

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