Alley Cats Groups

Alley Cats (Hollywood CA)

– This Thing Called Love/ Spang-A-Lang, ’56 (Whippet 202)

– Last Night/ Snap-Crackle And Pop, ’57 (Whippet 209)



Alley Cats (Jalo Group) (Joe Allen & His) – I Cried Enough/ Baby, Baby, Baby, ’58 (Jalo 201) 

(Book listed as Alleycats.  Scan for Baby, Baby, Baby is as Alley Cats.  This is Jack Gale’s Jalo label.)


Alley Cats (Joe Allen & His) (Jalo Group) – I Want To Thrill You, ’58 (Jalo 202)

as Joe Allen & His Alley Cats (ft Mike Mitchell-Tenor Sax) – Mike’s Riff {I}, ’58 (Jalo 202)



Alley Cats (Philles Group) – Puddin’ N’ Tain (Ask Me Again, I’ll Tell You The Same)/ Feel So Good, ’62 (Philles 108)

(See posting for Valiants (West LA) and their relationship to this group.)



Alley Cats (White Group-GaragePsych) – I Should Have Stayed At Home Tonight/ Lily Of The West, ’65 (Epic 9778)


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