Adventurers Groups

Adventurers (Seattle)

– Rip Van Winkle/ Trail Blazer, ’59 (Capitol 4292) {I}

– Excelsior/ Little Genie, ’59 (Jerden 105) {I}

– Shaggin’/ Two O’Clock Express, ’59 (Mecca 11) {I}

backing as Little Bill (w The Adventurers and Shalimars) – Louie, Louie/ Boy Next Door, ’61 (Topaz 1305)



Adventurers (NJ-NY) – Rock And Roll Uprising/ My Mama Done Tole Me, ’61 (Columbia 42227)


Adventurers (NJ-NY) – Can’t Stop Twistin’ LP, ’61 (Columbia 8547) (The book’s listings are underlined.)

Side 1:  The Twist; Shame, Shame, Shame; Peppermint Stick; Another Bachelor; Can’t Stop Twisting’; You’re A Teenager Now.

Side 2:  Rock And Roll Uprising; My Mama Done Tole Me; The Slide; Do It; Bill’s Place; Wallflower.

Note: A side-2 LP record scan was found as ‘My Mama Told Me (A Thousand Times)’ on track 2.



Adventurers (Chicago) – It’s Alright/ I Don’t Mind, ’62 (Ran-Dee106)



Adventurer’s (Penn-Garage Rock) – Baby, Baby, My Heart/ Lover Doll, ’66 (Reading 602)


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