Academics (ft Ronnie Malone) – Darla, My Darlin’, ’56 (Ancho 100)

Academics (ft Dave Fisher) – At My Front Door, ’56 (Ancho 100)


Academics (w Kingsmen Quintet) – Heavenly Love/ Too Good To Be True, ’57 (Ancho 101)


Academics – Girl That I Love/ I Often Wonder, ’58 (Ancho 104-unreleased) (As/sources #104 was probably released in the 70s.)


Academics (ft Marty Ganter) – Drive-In Movie, ’58 (Elmont 1001-1002)

Academics (ft Dave Fisher) – Somethin’ Cool, ’58 (Elmont 1001-1002)



– Darla, My Darlin’/ At My Front Door, ’64 (Relic 509) (w/o artist credits.)

– Heavenly Love/ Too Good To Be True, ’64 (Relic 510) (w/o Kingsmen credits.)


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