Avons Groups

Avons (Englewood NJ)

initial gms: Bob Lea (Lead), Wendell Lea, Bill Lea, Irvin Watson & Curtis Norris.

  • The group had several member changes.

– Our Love Will Never End/ I’m Sending SOS, ’56 (Hull 717)

– Baby/ Bonnie, ’57 (Hull 722)

– You Are So Close To Me/ Gonna Catch You Nappin [sic], ’58 (Hull 726)

– What Will I Do (If You Go Away)/ Please Come Back To Me, ’58 (Hull 728)

– What Love Can Do/ On The Island, ’59 (Hull 731)

– Whisper (Softly)/ If I Just (Had My Way), ’61 (Hull 744)

– The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side/ A Girl To Call My Own, ’63 (Hull 754)

– Baby/ Whisper (Softly), ’63 (Astra 1023)

Someone For Everyone, ’77 (Monogram 128)

  • A-side flip ‘She’s All Right With Me’ by Moonglows (ft Harvey).

– Fairy Tales/ Once Upon A Time, ’77 (Monogram 129)


Avons – Hull LP 1000, ’60

Side One: What Love Can Do, Baby, What Will I Do, Someone For Everyone, Bonnie, A Girl To Call My Own.

Side Two: On The Island, Once Upon A Time, You Are So Close To Me, Our Love Will Never End, Fairy Tales, Gonna Catch You Nappin (sic].

  • The book dates recording date as 1960.
  • Another source says the Monogram sides were recorded Circa 1958 and released in this album.


Avons (British POP Group)

– Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat/ Alone At Eight, ’59 (Columbia 4363)

– Pickin’ Petals/ We Fell In Love, ’60 (Columbia 4413 & Mercury 71618)


gms: Valerie Murtagh, Elaine Murtagh & Raymond Adams.


The group had many other pop successes.


Avons (Nashville TN)

– Push A Little Harder/ Oh, Gee Baby, ’63 (Groove 0022)

  • The sides were also released asby The Novas on RCA 1360.

– Rolling Stone/ Words Written On Water, ’63 (Groove 0033)

– Tonight Kiss Your Baby Goodbye/ Whatever Happened To Our Love, ’63 (Groove 0039)

– Talk To Me/ Got To Get Used To You, ’67 (A-Bet 9419) 


gms: Paula Hester, Beverly Bard and Fran Bard.


Before the A-Bet release, sources indicate the group also recorded for other labels not listed in the book.  Their final release on ref-o-ree (1968) was not included either.


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