Avalons Groups

Avalons (Virginia)

– Chains Around My Heart/ Och! She Flew, ’56 (Groove 0141)

– It’s Funny But It’s True/ Sugar, Sugar, ’56 (Groove 0174)

– Hearts [sic] Desire/ Ebbtide, ’58 (Unart 2007)

– You Do Something To Me/ You Can Count On Me, ’59 (Casino 108 & Bim Bam Boom 106, ’72)

– What’s Wrong, ’59 (Collectables LP 5037)

– I Follow The Star (Groove-unreleased)

– Little Cutie (Groove-unreleased)


Avalons (Virginia) (George Cox Group) – Picture Of You/ I Need Your Loving, ’63 Ken-Gren 243)

  • Not listed in book.


as Squires – Walkin’/ Why Should I Suffer, ’63 (Herald 580)


Avalons (CA Label) – I Miss You/ Love Me, ’56 (Aladdin 3336)


Avalons (Bronx) are The Teen Clefs (ref Shirley Bryant) – Louella, ’58 (Dice 90)

  • As/ a John Clemente youtube comment in 2018?, the lead singer on Louella is the younger brother of Shirley Bryant (of The Teen Clefs ’There Goes Sputnick/ Hiding My Tears (With A Smile).’
  • Both The Teen Clefs and Avalons (Bronx), along with the Clickettes, recorded for the ’Dice’ label.


Avalons (Bronx) may also be The Teen Clefs – You Broke Our Hearts, ’58 (Dice 91)

  • It’s presently unconfirmed (Mar 13 2019) If this is the same Avalons or an unknown group of [Avalons (Bronx)].
  • The lead as [Johnnie Richardson] is also unconfirmed.
  • Writing credits for the title ‘You Broke Our Hearts’ is Johnnielouise Richardson.
  • An unreleased song of the same title, credited to Johnnie & Joe [Johnnie Louise Richardson, Joe Rivers] is a different song than the one issued on Dice 91.)


Avalons (Ohio) (w Jimmy Jamaal & Combo) – Begin The Beguine/ Malanese, ’63 (Olimpic 240 & NPC 302, ’64)


Avalons (NY Label) – Is It The End/ Many Things From Your Window, ’64 (Roulette 4568)


Avalons (Apollo Acappella)

– Love Me Now Or Let Me Go, ’88 (Relic LP 5075 A6)

– Baby Looka Here, ’88 (Relic LP 5075 B1)

– Do Something For Me, ’88 (Relic LP 5075 B4)

  • Relic #5075 is an Apollo Audition Acappella Album by Various Artists.


Avalon error (Relic 5072) (The following are by the Keynotes)

– I Don’t Know, ’87 (Relic LP 5072 A1) (also on 5075 as B7)

– A Star, ’87 (Relic LP 5072 A3) (also on 5075 as A3)

– Suddenly, ’87 (Relic LP 5072 B7) (also on 5075 as A8)


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