Ascots Groups

Ascots (Bronx NY) – What Love Can Do/ Everything Will Be Alright, ’56 (J&S 1628-1629)

  • Scans found.


Ascots (CT) – Is It Really You/ Easier Said Than Done, ’59 (Arrow 736)

Label started in NY, then relocated to Connecticut.


Ascots (Cincinnati OH)

– (Darling I’ll See You) Tonight/ I Don’t Care One Bit, 62 (King 5679)

– She Did/ Hip Talk, ’62 (Bethlehem 3046)


Ascots (ref Paul Buff) – Perfect Love/ I’m Touched, ’62 (Ace 650)

  • While the book included with the Cincinnati group, several sources did not.
  • First pressing spelled Producer as Paul Bluff, the second corrected to Buff.


Ascots (Hollywood) – Acapulco Run/ The Gladiator, ’63 (Dual-Tone 1120) {I}

For more on this artist, see (  Acapulco Run is at [].


Ascots (Washington DC)

– Miss Heartbreaker/ This Old Heartache, ’65 (M.B.S. 106)

  • Sources include the MBS release with this group.

– Sometimes I Wonder (What can a fellow do) [sic]/ Anytime, ’65 (Mir-A-Don 1001)

  • A-side is/label scan.

– Mother Said (A Prayer Changes Things)/ Yes It’s All Right, ’65 (Mir-A-Don 1002)

– Another Day/ Love, ’65 (Mir-A-Don 1004)


Other discographies include later titles the book did not.


There is a Texas group of Ascots not listed in the book.  Details found, date them in the later 60s or early 70s.