Arthur Lee Maye & Related Groups

The book listed most of Arthur Lee Maye under the Crowns (LA) group and spread his other songs under various other group/solo names.  The following is a label scan rendering of the titles included in the book. 


The trio known as ‘5’ Hearts and Rams are unrelated to the Flairs group or the Hollywood Blue Jays.


Arthur Lee Maye, Johnny Coleman & Richard Berry as The ’5′ Hearts – The Fine One/ Please Please Baby, ’54 (Flair 1026)


Arthur Lee Maye, Johnny Coleman & Richard Berry as The Rams – Sweet Thing/ Rock Bottom, ’55 (Flair 1066)


credited as The Flairs – Rock Bottom, ’63 (Crown LP 5356 B3)


Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns (LA)

– Set My Heart Free/ I Wanna Love, ’54 (Modern 944)

– Please Say You Love Me/ Cool Lovin’, ’55 (RPM 420)

– Truly/ Oochie Pachie, ’55 (RPM 424)

– Love Me Always/ Loop, De Loop, De Loop, ’55 (RPM 429)

– Please Don’t Leave Me/ Do The Bop, ’55 (RPM 438)

– Gloria/ Oh-Rooba-Lee, ’56 (Specialty 573)

– Earth Angel/ Honey Love, ’56 (Dig 100)

– Honey Love/ At My Front Door, ’57 (Dig 151)

– That’s What I’m Gonna Do, ’85 (Relic LP 5052 A8-Best Of Dig)

– Don’t You Know (I Love You So), ’85 (Relic LP 5054 A3-Best Of Specialty)


Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns (LA)-uncredited

– This Is The Night For Love/ Honey, Honey, ’56 (Dig 124)

– Hey! Pretty Girl/ Cause You’re Mine Alone, ’57 (Flip 330)


Arthur Lee Maye & Johnny Otis Orchestra (Crowns (LA)-uncredited)A Fools [sic] Prayer/ Whispering Wind, ’57 (Dig 133)


Arthur Lee Maye (Johnny Otis Orchestra)Gee/ Only You, ’57 (Dig 146)


Arthur Lee Maye (BB Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Sh-Boom/ Sincerely, ’57 (Dig 149)


as Lee Maye (of The Milwaukee Braves) – Honey, Honey/ Will You Be Mine, ’58 (Cash 1063)


as Lee Maye Of The Milwaukee Braves – Only A Dream/ The Breaks Of Life, ’64 (Jamie 1284)


as Lee Maye

– All I Want Is Someone To Love/ Pounding, ’58 (Cash 1065)

– Honey, Honey/ Will You Be Mine, ’61 (Imperial 5790)

– Have Love Will Travel/ Loving Fool, ’67 (JETstream 735)


Arthur Lee Maye (& Dave Antrell Orch) – Moonlight/ I’m Happy And In Love, ’85 (Antrell 102)


as Off-Beats – Have Love Will Travel/ Doodlum {I}, ’64 (Guyden 2101)


Arthur Lee May & The Dreamers (LA) With Richard Berry as Crescendos (LA) – Baby Doll/ Dingaling, ’76 (Robin Hood 144)

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  • The Album tracks listed by the book under Jayos (Johnny Otis & The) include Arthur Lee Maye titles.
    • The Album is titled ‘Johnny Otis Rock ‘N Roll Hit Parade’ by Johnny Otis, His Orchestra And Entertainers.  The following Arthur Lee Maye titles were mixed on both sides of the Dig LP 104. ‘57.

Side 1: Honey Love, Sh-Boom, Earth Angel, Gee, Sincerely

Side 2: At My Front Door, Only You, One Mint Julep, Please Don’t Leave Me.


The Crowns, without Arthur Lee May, were listed as Group (3) in the book.  They are essentially the same group as Crowns (LA).

Henry Strogin & The Crowns

– Why Do You Go Away/ My Aching Feet, ’60 (Dynamic 1002)

– I’ll Tag Along/ I Love LA, ’62 (Amazon 1001)


Henry Strogin – Old Folks Boogie While The Young Ones Twist/ I Wanna Love, ’63 (Ball 1012)


Henry Strogin & The Crown [sic] – I’ll Tag Along/ Why Did You Go Away, ’63 (Ball 1015)


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