Apollos Groups

Apollos (NJ) – Bandstand Baby/ I Love You Darling, ’59 (Harvard 803)


Apollos (Florida) – Just Dreaming/ Rockin’ Horses, ’60 (Mercury 71614)


Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Ronnie Brown) – I Can’t Believe It, ’61 (Galaxy 707)

as Ella Jamerson Of The Apollos – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child, ’61 (Galaxy 707)


Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Hiram Walker) – Lord, Lord, Lord, ’61 (Galaxy 708) 

Apollos (San Francisco) (ft Joann Washington) – Say A Prayer, ’61 (Galaxy 708)


Apollos (Wisconsin) – Good For A Laugh {I}/ For Pete’s Sake, ’62 (Cite 5006)

  • Scans do not indicate that either side is an instrumental.  The A-side has no lyrics and I have not heard For Pete’s Sake.


as Paul Steffen & The Apollos – Hey Lonely One/ The Devil’s Soul Is Black, ’63 (Cite 5007)


as The Apollos & Paul Stefen – You, ’64 (Cite 5008)

as Paul Stefen & The Apollos – Cry Angel Cry, ’64 (Cite 5008)

  • 45cat dates May 1964.  The book dated 1962.


as Danny Peil & The Apollos – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

as Apollos (Wisconsin) – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)


as Danny Peil & The Tigers – Jingle Jump, ’64 (Raynard 602)

as Tigers – Flip Side [sic] {I}, ’64 (Raynard 602)

  • The picture sleeve isas by The Jingle Jumpers.

Personnel for these Apollos is unclear.  Danny Peil had replaced Paul Stefen, and one source credits Roland Oeller as a group member.


Apollos (Los Angeles) – No Money, ’62 (Tide 1084)

Apollos (Los Angeles) (Bobby Charles & The) – Forget, ’62 (Tide 1085A)

As well, a repo scan of Tide 1084 as ‘Bobby Charles & The Appolos [sic]’ was found.


Is there a connection between the Galaxy label Apollos and the Tide label group?

See comment from Gary Myers to separate the Tide label Bobby Charles’ from the Louisiana ‘Bobby Charles’.     

Info for Louisiana Bobby Charles was found – See (npr.org/2012/06/13/150960729/the-untold-story-of-…) for more about his swamp-pop sound and connections.)

Another link to the Louisiana Bobby Charles is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Charles.  Hear his ‘Swamp-Pop’  ’See You Alligator’ at youtube.com/watch?v=BDiA7PeYMm8.


4 thoughts on “Apollos Groups

  1. The Bobby Charles on Tide is not the N.O. (“Later Alligator”) guy. I did a story on him in ’91 & asked him about that sometime back then. I still don’t know who the Tide guy is, but I hope to find out someday, as I have a long story on the label (for which I also recorded).

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