Angels (The Other Groups)

Angels (Philadelphia) (Sonny Gordon & The) – Wedding Bells Are Ringing In My Ears/ Times Have Changed, ’54 (Grand 115)


Angels (Philadelphia) – Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ Your [sic] Still My Baby, ’55 (Grand 121)

  • Scans found for both sides.


The original gms are:  William “Sonny” Gordon, Frank Grier, Donald Morris, Leamon Crooms & Robert “Sonny” Brockington.  

See group history @


Angels (Newark NJ) (Jimmy Wright & His Orch) – Glory Of Love/ It’s You I Love Best, ’56 (Gee 1024)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg leads are by Bernard Lynn.


Angels (Oakland CA) as Al Smith And Band (Vocal By The Angels) – Leaving You Baby/ Sha-Wa-Wa, ’56 (Irma 105)

  • 1956 dating is as/the book.


Angels (Hollywood Label) as Little Bobby Bell & The Angels – You Came, You Saw, You Conquered, ’57 (Demon 1501)


Angels (Hollywood Label) as Little Bobby Bell – The Whole Wide World, ’57 (Demon 1501)


Angels (Los Angeles) (Bilijean & The) (ref Safaris) – A Lover’s Poem “From Her”, ’59 (Tawny 101)

  • The female lead, Bilijean (Billie Jean Kunkel) also released two rockabilly sides as Bee Jee & The Living Dolls (female juvenile group), Teen Age Waltz/ Too Young Blues on Vita 139 in 1956.)

Angels (Los Angeles) (ref Safaris) – A Lover’s Poem “From Him”, ’59 (Tawny 101)

gm: Marvin Rosenberg, Richard Clasky, Shelton ‘Shelly’ Briar, & Jimmy Stephens.


Hannibal (Vocal Acc: The Angels) – Please Take A Chance On Me/ Love Is Funny, ’60 (Pan World 517)

gms: Fanita James, Gloria Jones and Darlene Wright are the California Angels on Pan World.

  • The book listed as a separate Angels group and under Hannibal (BB Angels).


Hi Tensions as Angels (ref Chuck Daniels) – A Real Sensation/ I’m Sayin’ Good-Bye/ A Real Sensation, ’60 (Audio 203 & Milestone)


Angels (Memphis Tennessee) (Lonny & The) – Before I Saw You Smile/ Bargain Love, ’61 (Pledge 102)


Angels (Metro New York) as Little Betty

– I May Be Wrong/ Why Did You Do It, ’61 (Savoy 1603)

– Twistin School [sic]/ Honey, ’61 (Alto 2006) (Not in book.)

Little Betty is a male artist.  The backing vocals are female.  The BB is likely an unknown Angels group who do not receive label credit.)


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    • There isn’t a posted Angels group on the Metro label. A search of the Crystals on Metro shows no association with an ‘Angels’ group. Do you have more information?

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