Angels (Gabriel & The)

Angels (Camden NJ) (Gabriel & The)

– Chumba {I}/ Hey {I}, ’60 (Amy 802)

  • Some shoutouts like Chumba and Hey.

– Zing (Went The Strings Of My Heart)/ The Rooster, ’61 (Amy 823)


Angels (Camden NJ) (Gabriel & The) errorI’m Gabriel/ Ginza, ’61 (Norman 506)



Angels (Gabriel & The)

BV are by The Swans (girl group) who also recorded for the Swan label.

– Don’t Wanna Twist No-More/ That’s Life (That’s Tough), ’62 (Swan 4118)

– That’s Life (That’s Tough)/ Don’t Wanna Twist No-More, ‘66 (Itzy 7)

  • Dating/45cat.

– That’s Life (That’s Tough), ’62 (Casino 107)

  • The 1959 date the book and many others use for Casino #107 is likely an error.
  • Casino #107 A-side flip is ‘Flip Top Box’ by Dicky Doo & The Don’ts with most sources dating as 1962.

– That’s Life (That’s Tough)/ Don’t Wanna Twist No-More, ‘?? (Casino 101)

  • #101 was not listed in the book but scans are found for both sides.  Unlike the regular-styled black Casino label, these scans are yellow with a printed ‘Casino’ heading which might make them bootlegs.  Discographies found for this particular Casino label have proven to be unreliable and/or incomplete.

– All Work-No Play/ The Peanut Butter Song, ’63 (Swan 4133)