Ambassadors Groups

Ambassadors (New York) formerly as:

Gaylords – Go On, Baby/ Get Mad, Baby, ’52 (Savoy 852)


Imperials (New York)

– My Darling/ You Should Have Told Me, ’52 (Savoy 1104 & Buzzy 1, ’62)

  • Buzzy scans found and Savoy A-side scan found.

– Why Did You Leave Me/ Hard Workin’ Woman, ’53 (Derby 858)


Ambassadors (New York)

– Darling I’m Sorry (I Made You Cry)/ Willa-Bea, ’54 (Timely 1001)

– Moanin’, ’87 (Relic LP 5071)

– Calling For Love, ’87 (Relic LP 5071)


Please see the Detroit Imperials/Four Arcs post on this site to avoid including their releases with the New York Ambassadors group.


Ambassadors (Miami FL Label) – Keep On Trying/ The Switch, ’56 (Air 5065)


Ambassadors (NYC) (Vern Young & The) – Cindy Lou/ One Last Look At My Darling, ’60 (Chords 101)


Ambassador’s (Detroit) (w Music By The Shake Down’s) (Vocal by Ida Brenett) – I Wonder Why/ Power Of Love, ’62 (Bon 001)

  • A-side scan found.

and as

Ambassadors (Detroit) – Power Of Love/ I Wonder Why, ’62 (Reel 117)


Ambassadors (New York Area) (Music by Ducky Dee Combo) – Oh Nancy, ’63 (Bay 210)

as Ducky Dee Combo – Ambassador Blues [I}, ’63 (Bay 210)

  • No scan found.


Ambassadors (New York Area) (Music by Ducky Dee Combo) – Oh Nancy, ’63 (Bay 210)

flip by Gerry & The Gems – I Remember, ’63 (Bay 210)


Ambassadors (Playbox Group) – Lorraine/ C’mon & Dance, ’63 (Playbox 202)

  • Scans found for both sides.


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