Aladdins Groups

Aladdins (San Diego)

– Cry, Cry Baby/ Remember, ’55 (Aladdin 3275)

– Get Off My Feet/ I Had A Dream Last Nite, ’55 (Aladdin 3298)

– All Of My Life/ So Long, Farewell, Bye Bye, ’56 (Aladdin 3314)

– Help Me/ Lord Show Me, ’57 (Aladdin 3358)


Aladdins (Hartford Connecticut) – Dot, My Love/ My Charlene, ’58 (Frankie 6)


Alladins (Greenwich, Connecticut) – Then/ Gee, ’60 (Prism 6001)

  • The book spelled as ‘Aladdins’ and included with the Chicago group.
  • As/ two sellers, the spelling of the groups name was changed from Aladdins to Alladins on the label due to a name dispute.
  • See location comment.


Aladdins (Chicago)

Munch/ Please Love Me, ’62 (Witch 109)

– Simple Simon/ Our Love Will Be, ’62 (Witch 111)

– Simple Simon/ Munch, ’63 (Witch 111)


Aladdins (Duplex) (Noel Hall & The) – A Thousand Times Every Day (Duplex 9012)

Aladdins (Duplex) – Magic Carpet {I} (Duplex 9012)

Label is located in San Diego.


Aladdins (3) error – I’ll Be There/ I’ll Kiss Your Teardrops Away, ’59 (Angie)

  • This is by the Laddins on Angie 1790.


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    • Thanks for the groups location change.
      After another search for the Alladins, I noticed the sold value of their release is substantial.

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