Admirations Groups

Admirations (Brooklyn-NY)


– The Bells Of Rosa Rita/ Little Bo-Peep, ’58 (Mercury 71521)

– Remember The Day, ’61 (Mercury-unreleased)

– It All Happened So Fast, ’61 (Mercury-unreleased)

– To The Aisle/ Hey Senorita, ’62 (Mercury 71883 & Jason Scott 5, ’80)

  • Mercury Promo scan as ‘Hey, Senorita’.

Bells Of Rosa Rita (Popular Request 107)

  • Flip is ‘Please Be My Love Tonight’ by The Charades.


Gms: John Mahlan – Second Tenor, Lou Moschella – Bass & Falsetto, Ralph Minichino – Baritone, Freddie Mastanduno – First Tenor, Joe (Cookie) Lorello – Lead Singer.


Admirations (1974 Group) –  In My Younger Days (Live)/ Over The Rainbow, ’74 (Kelway 107-108)

Admirations (1974 Group) credited as Timespinners (Nick & The) – In My Younger Days, ’74 (Keyway 109)


Admirations (NY)


Admirations (Norven Baskerville & The) – Gonna Find My Pretty Baby/ Lil’ Lil’ Lulu, ’60 (X-Tra 100)


Admirations – Gonna Find My Pretty Baby, ’62 (Candlelite 414)

as Belmars (Formerly The Admirations) – (From The Past) Lil’ Lil’ Lulu, ’62 (Champagne-Candlelite 414)



– Coo Coo Coodle Coo, ’62 (Tarx 1000-1)

– Coo Coo Cuddle Coo, ’63 (Times Square 19)

Mixture Of Love, ’63 (Times Square 20 & Relic 537, ’65)

  • Flip on Times Square and Relic is Heartspinners ‘I’ve Searched’.


Admirations (The Other Groups)


Admirations (Apollo-NY) – Just Like A Baby/ My Baby, ’61 (Apollo 753)

The book and other sources list the Apollo group separately from the Brooklyn group.


Admirations (Plainfield NJ) – Moonlight/ Ain’t It Funny, ’66 (Hull 1202)

  • Book dated 1964.  As/the scans, writing credit for both sides is James Boyce.


According to a youtube commenter, the gms are: Frankie, Richard, JoJo Boyce, Rochelle Eure & Billy Johnson.


Keith & The Admirations (ref Barry James Keefer) – Caravan Of Lonely Men (No Group)/ Dream, ’65 (Columbia 43268)

  • This is Keith of ’98.6′ fame.


Admirations (Street-level PA Group) – Dear Lady/ Memories Are Here To Stay (Atomic 12871)

  • Book dated N/A.  Other sources date 1969-1971.


2 thoughts on “Admirations Groups

  1. Are Candlelite 414 and Champagne 414 two sides of the same record despite the different label names?

    The Baskerville / Admirations / Belmars, I believe, actually evolved from the Chestnuts/Five Chestnuts on Drum (1958) and Elgin (1959).
    Anyone from New Haven have details to add? I’m sitting down here in Virginia with no first-hand knowledge.

    • From the scans, #414 Candlelite and #414 Champagne are both Wayne Stierle Productions, suggesting that ‘one’ release was issued on these two differently named labels. Both scans feature the ‘Candlelite’ symbol.

      ‘Norven Baskerville’ is named on the Admirations release on X-Tra 100. He was formerly with the Five Chestnuts on Drum and Elgin #001-3.

      Thanks for your comment. Stay safe.

      First-hand knowledge on the Candlelite #414 release is welcome too.

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