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Accents (Hollywood CA-Blue Mill Group) – Baby Blue/ Don’t Expect A Miracle, ’55 (Blue Mill 111)

I have not heard either side.  Scans were found.


Accents (Hollywood CA) (ref Scott Seeley) – Cool-A-Roo (I Love You, Baby), ’55 (Ac’cent 1025)

as Jackie Allen (w The Accents) – Don’t Go, ’55 (Ac’cent 1025)


Accents (Hollywood CA) (ref Scott Seeley) (Jackie Allen Lead)

– Bop Me Baby/ Mood To Be Wooed, ’55 (Ac’cent 1027)

– Forever Yours/ Yes, Yes, ’55 (Ac’cent 1031)


Accents (Hollywood CA) (ref Scott Seeley) (Unknown Lead)

– Voice Of The Bayous/ Where Will You Be, ’56 (Ac’cent 1036)

– The Name Song/ This Ole Body, ’56 (Ac’cent 1037)


No scans found for Ac’cent 1027, 1031 or 1036.


Accents (Phoenix)

Gary Trexler (Orchestra and The Accents) – Teen Baby/ Cloud Full Of Tears, ’57 (Rev 3507)


Jim Murphy And The Accents – Plumb Crazy/ I’m Gone, Mama, ’57 (Rev 3508)


Ted Newman (Orchestra and The Accents) – I Double Dare You/ None Of Your Tears, ’57 (Rev 3511)


as Accents (Oklahoma) (Vocal by David Gates) – Jo-Baby/ Lovin’ At Night, ’57 (Perspective Sound 121057500)

David Gates & The Accents (Oklahoma) – Lovin’ At Night/ Jo-Baby, ’58 (Robbins 1008)


The Oklahoma Accents Group was not included in book.


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (ref Robert Draper Jr) – Wiggle, Wiggle/ Dreamin’ And Schemin’, ’58 (Brunswick 55100)

  • Other pressings show an A/B order flip.


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (Robert Draper Jr Soloist) – I Give My Heart To You, ’59 (Brunswick 55123)


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (Lee Godeau Jr Soloist) – Ching A Long, ’59 (Brunswick 55123)

Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (Lee Godeau Jr Soloist) – Ching A Ling, ’59 (Brunswick 55123)

  • Lyrics are Ching A Long.  Both spelling variations appear on ‘Sample’ and released pressings.


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (ref Robert Draper Jr) – Anything You Want Me To Be/ Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes), ’59 (Coral 62151)

  • While the book also lists on Brunswick #55151 scans were found asby Veline Hackert ‘Billy Boy (Where Have You Been)/ Show Me How’.


Accents (NY White Group) – Red Light/ 22 Del Rio Avenue, ’59 (Jubilee 5353)


Accents (Brooklyn)

– 100 Wailin’ Cats/ Our Wonderful Love, ’62 (Jive 888)

– A Hundred Wailin’ Cats/ Our Wonderful Love, ’62 (Veejay 484)


Accents (Brooklyn) backing Scott English

– High On A Hill, ’63 (Sultan 4003 & Spokane 4003)

– All I Want Is You/ Here Comes The Pain, ’63 (Spokane 4007)


Accents (Label-owned group name)

– (The Ballad Of) Cassius Clay, ’62 (Joker 200-(A))

– Til You Bring Your Love Back To Me/ Cassius Clay, ’62 (Joker 200-B)

– Cassius Clay, ’62 (Joker 200-(X))


The post is for the scans that were found.

As/the below comment, the artist name ‘Accents’ is label-owned.  This is not the Brooklyn group.


Accents Group (Odessa Texas Label) – Little Boy Blue/ Movin’ Along, ’62 (Matt Record Company 0001)

  • A-side scan found.
  • Writing credits: Lawrance-Egras/ Malone.
  • Carl H Bunch-Producer.
    • On 45cat, a note on Matt Record Company 0003 says ‘Carl Bunch – one time Cricket.’


Accents (Brighton Beach Grp) as Dreamers (Brooklyn)

– Canadian Sunset/ Mary Mary, ’60 (Guaranteed 219)

– These Moments Of Love [Lead Ian Kay] (unreleased demo)

gms: Mike Lasman-lead, Shelly Weiss-1st tenor, Alan Senzon-2nd tenor & Ian Kay-baritone & lead.  See 2nd comment.


Accents (Brighton Beach Brooklyn) (ref Mike Lasman) – Rags To Riches/ Where Can I Go, ’63 (Sultan 5500)

  • See 1st comment.


Accents (Chicago) (ref Bernice Williams) – Enchanted Garden/ Tell Me Now, ’63 (Mercury 72154)


Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi) – Better Watch Out Boy, ’64 (Commerce 5012 & Challenge 59254 (45-1112), ‘65)

Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi and Gabe) – Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind), ’64 (Commerce 5012 & Challenge 59254 45-1113), ‘65)


Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi) – I’ve Got Better Things To Do/ Then He Starts To Cry, ’64 (Charter 1017)


Accents (San Diego) – On The Run/ He’s The One, ’64 (Karate 529)

  • No artist is featured on this release.

Note: Sweet Talk is by Tommy Ray Tucker with the flip, The Big Buildup issued on Challenge # 59294.  The book’s entry for the Accents (Tell Me/Sweet Talk) on Challenge 9294 appears to be a compounded error.


Accents (Seattle) (Ron Peterson & The) – Linda Lou/ Sticky, ’65 (Jerden 728)


Accents (Providence RI) – Friendly Stranger/ People Are Funny, ’69 (Gazzarri 90391)

As/, the Accents recorded and released these sides in Los Angeles. The group also recorded in 1968 for Planet and in 1970 for Freeform Records.

A supporting article is @


Accent’s (Indiana) (Danny & The) – Her Diary/ She Couldn’t Be Real, ’65 (Valli 307)


7 thoughts on “Accents Groups

  1. “Little Boy Blue” on Matt Records has nothing to do with the Brooklyn Accents. This release is credited to Dale Casmeres on Matt. I have never seen a copy of this, but I do have Matt 161 “Last Night” by Dale and the Cashmeres. Mike Lasman has nothing to do with any release on Matt.

    Mike Lasman first recorded “Erlene” as by Mike and the Utopians out of Brownsville Brooklyn. Mike then formed the Brooklyn Accents who did “Rags to Riches on Sultan Records (they met on Bay 1 in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn).. All other Accents groups, including backup for Scott English, are not the same group that did “Rags to Riches” All the members of the Brooklyn Accents are deceased with the exception of Ian Kay. The Brooklyn Accents backed up (no credit on the labels) Bob Calender on “Baby I’m Ready” on Gold Records 102. The same backgound was behind Stan Vincent on “Runnin’ Scared” on Gold 101- hence this is the Brooklyn Accents.

    “Till You Bring Your Love Back to Me” backed with “Cassius Clay” on Joker 200 (red plastic) by the Accents is not the Brooklyn group. Frank Cariola (AKA Cari) owned Sultan Records and also Joker Records (other labels too). He also had ownership to the name “Accents” and he used it for more than one group – that’s why there’s confusion over the Accents.

    • Your comments settle many errors by the book, me and others. Reliable information like yours is usually impossible to find. Thank you for sending it.

      • The ‘Little Boy Blue’ scan is a scarce commodity.

        Label details (title, artist credit, etc) and the flip information are unconfirmed without seeing an actual scan. Can you contact me directly (‘contact’ form) so I can see the scan details?

        Also, others can reply to this comment to alert you of their interest.

  2. Your most welcome – okay here’s more for your enjoyment.

    You do have it correct that the “Rags to Riches” Brooklyn Accents recorded as the Dreamers on Guarenteed Records (first). The group was made up of Mike Laman – lead, Shelly Weiss – 1rst tenor, Alan Senzon – 2nd tenor and Ian Kay – baritone & lead. I have an unreleased demo with Ian on lead doing “These Moments of Love.”

    Mike Lasman, as mentioned before, sang lead with the Utopians (out of Browsville, Brooklyn) on Cee-Jay Records and after the Accents he sang lead for the Concords (from Sheepshead Bay, Beach Haven and Brighton Beach sections of Brooklyn) on their two Herald record releases.

    Ian Kay became a High School music teacher and can lead a symphony. He is down in South Carolina and a few years back he formed a new Accents group down there. He held tryouts and one guy who Ian chose to put in the group was Bobby Alvarez who was in plays and musicals down in South Carolina. Ian asked Bobby if he had any “street cred” and Bobby replied “I was the lead of the Vilons of “Lone Stranger” fame (Aljon Records). Ian immediately put Bobby in touch with me. What was most amusing was that Ian Kay and Bobby Alvarez lived in the same apartment building on Linden Blvd, back in the day and didn’t know each other until meeting up down South. Ian came up North a year or two ago and did a concert in Queens College.

    Shelly Weiss originally sang in the Shelltones, from Shell Bank Junior High in Sheepshead Bay. In this group was Rico Petrocelli later the shortstop of the Boston Red Sox. I was given a demo of this group by Barney Zarzana of the Bay Bops as someone from the neighborhood gave it to Barney to give to me. The two sides were “School of Broken Hearts” and “Ghost of a Chance” (I think you can hear these cuts on youtube and see a picture of the group too). My ex record partner put these sides out without my permission as it was my intention to use the cuts for my “They Sang In Brooklyn” series of releases (an LP and three EPs). Shelly Weiss next sang in Bobby Roy and the Chord A Roys on JDS Records. In that group was Robert Walden later known for his role as “Rossi the Reporter” on the Lou Grant TV Show and in “Brothers.” Shelly next was in the Dreamers/Accents. And lastly he was the Road Manager for Jay and the Americans.

    I guess that’s enough for now. Though I’ll probably help you out with other groups at some point.

    • The extra group info puts the Guaranteed sides with the right Accents group.

      Both Shell-Tones/Shelltones songs are right in the mix of what was selected for the Complete Book of Doowop. Like many others, they did not make the cut.

      Ian Kay’s story was all the pieces falling in place at the right time. Good reading.

  3. Shell-Tones is probably correct – I was typing faster than my thoughts. Both cuts of their demo is on Youtube with picture, with Rico Petrucelli in it. One person, from overseas (that I know), says the picture is from his website on a youtube post – not quite true. Shelly Weiss gave me the picture and my ex partner put the demo out with picture on some CD ……… pissing me off greatly – that’s why he is my ex partner. “School of Broken Hearts” is a killer white group sound, but it’s understandable that it’s not in the Complete Book of Doowop as it wasn’t released back in the day.

    The Accents and the Quotations (from Kings Highway) were brother groups as they were very tight.

    The Concords and Bobby Roy/Chord A Roys were also brother groups who hung out on West End Ave in Manhattan Beach together and I believe all members went to Lincoln High School. Shelly Weiss and Alan Senzon, of the Accents, went to Lincoln High School too.

    Garland Jeffreys, from Sheepshead Bay, sometimes would join in and do a lead on Nostrand Ave with some of the members of the above groups in front of Martin’s Restaurant. Garland, who was a little younger than the other singers, would later hit the charts with “Wild in the Streets.” When I spoke to Garland he exclaimed “I knew Bobby Roy and the Chord A Roys.” Now most of these groups loved to hear Davie Nichols and the Camelots (from Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay) sing. Garland Jeffreys asked me what ever happened to Davie Nichols and why he never progressed in music (like Garland). Davie Nichols was some lead, but as I told Garland ……… sometimes life gets in the way. Davie had a career in the Air Force and I never got to see him sing. I did see some of the Camelots sing in Coney Island once or twice in the early to mid 1970s in front of Eddie’s Fascination in a group made up of neighborhood guys.

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