4 Most, Four Most, Formost & Fourmost(s)

4 Most (NY) – Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Ooh! Baby It Scares Me, ’56 (Dawn 220 & Dawn DLP 1112)


Lincoln Chase (The 4 Most & Mat Mathews Quintet) – If I Were A Countryside/ Watch My Smoke (And Fan My Fire), ’56 (Dawn 217)


Lincoln Chase (w The 4 Most & Mat Mathews’ Quintet) – (In The Land Of) The Papawhos, ’56 (Dawn 230) 

Lincoln Chase – Our Love Is Satisfactory, ’56 (Dawn 230)


4 Most (NY) – Sing The Arrangements of Joe Derise, ’56 (Dawn DLP 1112)

Side 1: Me And My Shadow, Blue Prelude, Bernie’s Tune, Overtime I Fall In Love, Remember Me,

Side 2: Similau, Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella, Ooh! Baby It Scares Me, There’ll Be Some Changes Made, You’re Blase [sic], All’s Well That Ends Well.

  • Most LP selections are not included in the book.  The two that are, are underscored.


4 Most (NY) gms: Al Evans, Chuck Sedacca, Joe Derise and Marv Falcon.


Four Most (NJ)

  • Most discographies use ‘Four Most’ for the Bobby Moore group.  Label scans credit the group as indicated in this post.)


as The 4 Most (NJ) – The Breeze And I/ I Love You, ’60 (Milo 107)

as The 4 Most (NJ) – I Love You/ The Breeze And I, ’63 (Relic 501)


as Fourmost (Bobby Moore & The) – Dance Of The Land/ You Got To Live For Yourself, ’64 (Fantasy 585)


as Fourmosts [sic] (ft Bobby Moore) – It Was A Lie/ Girl, You Do Something To Me, ’65 (DW 105)


as Formosts [sic] (Bobby Moore & The) – Girl You Do Something To Me/ It Was A Lie, ’66 (Red Bird 10-071)


Fourmost (Detroit) – Why I Can’t Have You/ Twist-A-Tast [sic], ’62 (Lu Pine 105)


Fourmost (UK)

– Hello Little Girl/ Just In Case, ’63 (Atco 6280)

– I’m In Love/ Respectable, ’64 (Atco 6285)

– A Little Bit Of Loving/ If You Cry, ’64 (Atco 6307)

– A Little Loving/ Waitin’ For You, ’64 (Atco 6307)

– How Can I Tell Her/ You Got That Way, ’64 (Atco 6317)

– Girls, Girls, Girls/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love, ’66 (Capitol 5591)

– Here There And Everywhere/ You’ve Changed, ’66 (Capitol 5738)