4 Most, Four Most, Formost & Fourmost(s)

4 Most (NY) – Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Ooh! Baby It Scares Me, ’56 (Dawn 220) & Dawn DLP 1112)


Lincoln Chase (The 4 Most & Mat Mathews Quintet) – Watch My Smoke (And Fan My Fire) / If I Were A Countryside, ’56 (Dawn 217)


Lincoln Chase (w The 4 Most & Mat Mathews’ Quintet) – (In The Land Of) The Papawhos, ’56 (Dawn 230)

Lincoln Chase – Our Love Is Satisfactory, ’56 (Dawn 230)


4 Most (NY) – Sing The Arrangements of Joe Derise, ’56 (Dawn DLP 1112) (Most selections are not included in the book.  The two that are are underscored.)

Side 1: Me And My Shadow, Blue Prelude, Bernie’s Tune, Overtime I Fall In Love, Remember Me,

Side 2: Similau, Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella, Ooh! Baby It Scares Me, There’ll Be Some Changes Made, You’re Blase [sic], All’s Well That Ends Well.

(4 Most (NY) gms: Al Evans, Chuck Sedacca, Joe Derise and Marv Falcon.)



Four Most (NJ) (Most discographies use ‘Four Most’ for the Bobby Moore group.  Label scans credit the group as indicated in the post.)


as The 4 Most (NJ) (ref Bobby Moore) – The Breeze And I/ I Love You, ’60 (Milo 107)

as The 4 Most (NJ) (ref Bobby Moore) – I Love You/ The Breeze And I, ’63 (Relic 501)


as Fourmost (Bobby Moore & The) – Dance Of The Land/ You Got To Live For Yourself, ’64 (Fantasy 585)


as Fourmosts [sic] (ft Bobby Moore) – It Was A Lie/ Girl, You Do Something To Me, ’65 (DW 105)


as Formosts [sic] (Bobby Moore & The) – Girl You Do Something To Me/ It Was A Lie, ’66 (Red Bird 10-071)



Fourmost (Detroit) – Twist-A-Tast [sic]/ Why I Can’t Have You, ’62 (Lu Pine 105)



Fourmost (UK)

– Hello Little Girl/ Just In Case, ’63 (Atco 6280)

– I’m In Love/ Respectable, ’63 (Atco 6285)

– How Can I Tell Her/ You Got That Way, ’64 (Atco 6317)

– If You Cry/ A Little Bit Of Loving, ’64 (Atco 6307)

– Girls, Girls, Girls/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love, ’66 (Capitol 5591)

– Here There And Everywhere/ You’ve Changed, ’66 (Capitol 5738)


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