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The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop had multiple accuracy and listing problems which were compounded by accepted industry idiosyncrasies.  Anyone who works doowop files, knows verification of the information is hard to find and difficult to put together in a cohesive fashion.  Past errors are easy to repeat and, over time, rumors become accepted truths.

You-tube videos, forums, artist biographies and area histories are plentiful and provide a wealth of information to understand the genre and its complexities.  Research sites instrumental in my sorting process, are credited and a link to their blog is provided in the post.

Archiving has proven to be a practical approach to untangle the multiple artists and groups the book listed under one heading or the linked groups the book spread over several separate names.  Label scans (about 80% are found) are used for release accreditation with group/label location researched through several sources.  Another key ingredient used to separate the groups is ‘listening’ to their songs.

I am especially appreciative to all who visit the site and those who leave a comment to add missing data to a post or make a correction when I’ve strayed off the path.  Thanks for the links and scans.

Any information regarding ‘flips’ not included in the book will be added when a link to the label scan is provided.  When tracks on comps are not listed in the book, they are not included in my posts.  Because of confirmation difficulties, I make no personal effort to attribute track #/title/artist to specific groups listed in the book.  Comments regarding comps not in the book are not posted for the same reason.

While it’s intended that groups of the same name are seen in the same post, its convenience is troublesome when another site/blog takes advantage of the research I’ve done to separate the groups.  My site has the same copyright protection as established/bigger/more powerful sites.  When you use my work to create your own, respect the source with a tag or link back to this site.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Clustered Groups Discographies

    • Thanks for all your interest and the nice complement.

      ( supplies information about the Spin label and also lists the Spin-It release as 020.2 at the end.

      Billboard (April 18 1960) does review Spin 000.1. I’d really appreciate if you would supply the link to the Billboard issue reviewing Spin It 0202 (Helene/Tantalizing Darling).

  1. Happy together by the pageants on goldisc 3013 was not Johnny Aladdin he recorded it on chip records .the pageants on godisc was a group from New york and was recorded by Jim Gribble .I know because i was one of the group

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