X-Z (Unlisted Artists)

X Classmates (Joe Tex & His) – Charlie Brown Got Expelled/ Blessed Are These Tears, ’59 (Ace 559) (In addition to the posted book’s listing, there are scans as: Joe Tex & His X Class Mates.)


Yellow Jackets (Walter ‘Wise’ Miller & The) (Vocal-Ray Gerdsen) – I Was Wrong/ Mine Forevermore [sic], ’57 (Goldband 1033) (Scans found.)

Young Lions – Oh Daddy/ How Wrong You Are, ’58 (Tampa 158) (Titles were misprinted in book as ‘Oh Dolly/How Can You Be.’)

Young Lords – Peace Of Mind, ’72 (Kelway 100) (The flip ‘Oh Stop It!’ is by Dave & The Du Woppers.)

Younghearts – Do Not Forsake Me/ Unwelcome Guest, ’61 (Infinity 006) (Book listed as Young Hearts.)

Youngtones error – Elaine/ Bow Legged Baby ’58 (Brunswick 55083) (Both sides are by The Rhythmeres.)


Ze-Majestics – Bobbi Ann/ Garlens Mambo, ’59 (Fox 5014) (A-side title correction.)


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