Way Mates

Way Mates (Hendersonville NC)


as Pat Parker (accom by The Way Mates)

– Boy Watcher/ Warm Glow, ’62 (Skyland 1000)

– Date With The Blues/ Young Sweethearts, ’62 (Skyland 1005)


Way Mates (Vocal by Bobby & Johnny) – Once In A Lifetime, ’62 (Skyland 1007)

Way Mates – Sunshine Rock {I}, ’62 (Skyland 1007)


See comment for group members.


2 thoughts on “Way Mates

  1. The Way-Mates were from Hendersonville, NC & they had an additional 45 of their own on Skyland as well as 2 backing Pat Parker. Members: Johnny Connor (d: 7/13) – rh gtr, Bobby Taylor – ld gtr, Harold Houk – bs, Danny Bordner – dr. Bordner supplied the info. They still played occasionally as recently as 2013.

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