W (Unlisted Artists)

Walter Spriggs (& Group) – I’m Not Your Fool Any More/ Week End Man, ’55 (Blue Lake 109)

Walter Springer (& Group) – Everything/ One More Chance, ’59 (Kaiser 401) (Book listed under Walter Spriggs.)

Whirlaways (Don Carson & The) – Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)/ Three Carburetors, ’58 (Crest 1051) (Artist and Titles completed.)

Wil-Sones – Let Me Help You/ Come On Mama, ’61 (Highland 1020) (Artist name correction.)

Will-Ettes – Summertime Is Gone/ One Love Is Lost, ’62 (Jamie 1234) (A-side scan found.  Book listed as Wil-Ettes.)

Willie Dixon (& Group) – 29 Ways/ The Pain In My Heart (No Group), ’56 (Checker 851) (Title correction on A-side.)

Willie Joe And His Unitar – Unitar Rock {I}, ’56 (Specialty 576) (Flip is ‘Cherokee Dance’ by Bob Landers/ Bob Lenarde (w Willie Joe & His Unitar)).

Worley Birds (Wayne Worley & His) – Red Headed Woman/ To Be Alone, ’61 (Brent 7024) (Scans found.)

Wrens (Unknown) – I Love You Baby (Casa Grande) (Title is not listed on Casa Grande discography nor on Wrens discography.  Is this a revival group or another unrelated Wrens group or a book ‘group/title/label’ listing error?)

Wynona Carr & The Bumps Blackwell Band – What Do You Know About Love/ Heartbreak Melody, ’57 (Specialty 600) (Book misspelled as Wynonie Carr.)


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