Velveteens Groups

Velveteens (Pomona CA) (Terri & The)

– Bells Of Love/ You’ve Broken My Heart, ’61 (Kerwood 711)

– I’m Waiting/ La Flor, ’63 (Arc 6534)


Note:  The history of The Velveteens (Pomona CA), with various member combinations, can be found @


Velveteens (Girl Group)

– Baby-Baby/ Teen Prayer, ’61 (StarK 101-102)

– Please Holy Father pt 1/ Please Holy Father pt 2, ’61 (StarK 12591)

– I Thank You/ Meant To Be, ’62 (Laurie 3126)


Velveteens (Fort Worth TX) – I Feel Sorry For You Baby/ Ching Bam Bah, ’65 (Golden Artist 614)


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