Valaquons/Vala Quons

The books listed the following all in the same group and spelled as Valaquons.

  • They share overlapping writing credits.
  • The Laguna & Rayco releases have a similar doowop sound and beat.
    • On the Tangerine release, the group now has a motown sound and beat.


Vala Quons – Madelaine/ Teardrops, ’64 (Laguna 102)

  • Writing credits: David Taxe-Manning Sherwin/ J Thomas-B Grant.


Valaquans (Los Angeles) – Diddybop/ Jolly Green Giant, ’64 (Rayco 516)

  • A-side title correction.
  • Writing credits: Harris-Kirkland/ Jesse Kirkland.


Vala-Quons – Window Shopping On Girl’s Avenue/ I Wanna Woman, ’65 (Tangerine 951)

  • Writing credits: C Pipkin-G Pipkin-M Gordon/ JJ Kirkland-A Taylor-J Gilmore.