V (Unlisted Artists)

Valentines (Unknown Female Group) – Alone In The Night/ Mink Coat And Sneakers, ’64 (United Artists 764) (A Richard Barrett production.)

Valets – Sherry (I Really Love You So)/ You And You Alone, ’59 (Vulcan 135 & Jon 4219) (A-side & Vulcan label # added.)

Valleyites (Nathan McKinney & The) – Weep No More/ ‘Oh’ How I Love You, ’64 (Ray-Co 526) (Scans found.)

Van Trevor (BV Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-uncredited) – C’mon Now Baby/ A Fling Of The Past, ’63 (Vivid 1004)

Vandel’s – A Small Silver Ring/ Bumble Bee, ’64 (USA 758) (Book listed as Vandells.)

Variations – A Shot Of Love/ Tra La La La La {I}, ’68 (Amy 11006) (Book listed as Viriations.)

Vectors – One Day/ Slow But Sure, ’58 (Standard 700) (Book listed label name as Standord.)

Venangos – A Sad, Sad Story/ My Girl, ’75 (Monogram 110) (Book listed as Vanangos.

Versa-Tones – Cobra/ How Long (Cha-Cha-Cha Arrangement), ’61 (Kenco 5015) (B-side title completed.)

Vi Counts – Three Months Of Rain/ The Looser [sic], ’60 (Ace 587) (Artist spelling/title correction.)

Vic Marcel – Come Back To These Arms/ That’s My Girl, ’66 (DonBut 17349-50) (BV 4 Bars-uncredited on ‘Come Back To These Arms.’)

Vic Spina (& Group) – We Can Try It Again/ One Summer Night, ‘88 (VM 1001) (Label # added.)

Vickie Diaz (& Group) – For Eternity/ Your Mamma Said No [sic], ’60 (Del-Fi 4149) (Scans found.)

Victory Five – I Never Knew/ Swing Down Chariot, ’58 (Terp 101) (B-side title correction.)

Vince Montana & His Orchestra – Cleo’s Theme (My Love, My Love) {I}, ’63 (Guyden 2093) (Flip (My Love, My Love) is credited to Big John & The Philadelphians.)

Vipers – Little Miss Sweetness/ Same Old Valarie, ’68 (Duchess 102) (As/ a [email protected] entry, “group was formed by Al Goodman in Harlem (NYC) after he relocated there from his native, Jackson (MS).

Virgos – Humpty-Dumpty/ You’re A Stranger, ’65 (Pioneer 6621) (Philadelphia label.)

Viscount V – My Angel/ She Doesn’t Know, ’66 (Lavette 5009-10) (The book dated N/A.)

Viscounts (w Melodies Quartet) – Raindrop/ My Girl, ’57 (Mercury 71073) (An R&B vocal group.)

Viscounts (East Coast) – Saki-Laki-Waki/ Oo-Oo-Wee, ’73 (Vega 1003) (Label # is said to be a bootleg with a 1973 date.  Some sources use 1959 as an original release date.)

Vocal Lords – At Seventeen/ Girl Of Mine, ’59 (Able No # & Taurus 2968-9) (Each side was recorded at different times with members changing between songs.)

Vocaleers as Johnny Otis Orch-Vocals by The Vocaleers (LA)) – Chittlin’ Switch, ’51 (Savoy 824) (B-side is ‘Get Together Blues’ and credited as Little Esther And Junior (w Johnny Otis Orch.)

Vocaleers (Not NY Group) – If Your Heart Aches (Relic LP 5094 A7) (As/ Joe Duncan (Marv Goldberg’s Vocaleers article) he did not lead nor did he think any Vocaleers’ members were part of the song.)


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