Tunemasters Group

Tunemasters – Sending This Letter/ It’s All Over, ’57 (Mark M-7002) (No female voice on these sides.)


Tunemasters (ft Willie & Arlene) (ref Chantels) – Tasty Kisses, ’90 (Mark-X 7010) (Tasty Kisses was End-Unreleased in 1957.)

The flip ‘Once A Heart’ is by the Millionaires (ft Willie Spagna).  The book separated these Millionaires from the other Millionaires with a reference to the Drifters and Ben E King.


Tunemasters (Willie Wilson & The) – Sending You This Letter, ’58 (End 1011)

Tunemasters (Willie Wilson & The) (BV Arlene Smith-uncredited) – I’ve Lied, ’58 (End 1011)


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