After their first release, the group name was the Tren-Dells.  Other than the Jam label # correction the post represents the titles covered in the book.  ( offers a complete group discography.


Tren-Dells as Trend-Els – I’m So Young/ Don’t You Hear Me Calling, Baby, ’61 (Tilt 779)



– I Miss You So/ Moments Like This, ’62 (Tilt 788)

– Hully Gully Jones/ Nite Owl, ’62 (Jam 101 & Capitol 4852)

– Ain’t That Funny/ Mr Doughnut Man, ’63 (Sound Stage 7 2508)

– Everyday/ I’ll Be There, ’64 (Southtown 22001)

– That’s My Desire/ Let’s Go Steady For The Summer, ’65 (Boss 9921)


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