Timespinners (Nick & The)

Dubs credited as Timespinners (Nick & The) – Chapel Of Dreams, ’74 (Kelway 109)

  • To hear, see comment below.


Admirations (Brooklyn-NY 1974 Group) credited as Timespinners (Nick & The) – In My Younger Days (2:20), ’74 (Kelway 110)


Scans for both sides are at http://www.45cat.com/record/nc815652us.


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  1. i have an mp3 of in my younger days by them, so my guess is that chapel was the flip.

    • Thanks for your comment. The Admirations version of ‘In My Younger Days (#107) was recorded live (2:48). The youtube version of Nick & The Time Spinners (#109) running at 2:18 and an edited youtube Admirations’ version (2:07) sound the same as the ‘live’ version by the Admirations without the ‘live.’ Is #109 a cover or by the Admirations under a pseudonym?

      Chapel of Dreams is listed in the book as the flip. I haven’t heard the song.

        • I have heard In My Younger Days, one version as the Administrations, the other on utube asby Nick & The Time Spinners. If you have the scans for Nick & The Time Spinners ‘In My Younger Days/Chapel Of Dreams’ on Kelway 109, I would appreciate seeing them.

  2. having both Time Spinners and Admirations versions of Younger Days, they sound like same group, but it is a different record.

    • Sorry to be so late getting back to you. I’m traveling right now and the internet connection is hit and miss.

      There are other Kelway reissues that are credited to a different group but are recorded by a known group on an earlier issue by a different label. I don’t know where the name ’Nick & The Time Spinners’ comes from or how/if it relates to the original Admirations (Brooklyn-NY) group. Everything I’ve heard is by the original Admirations. Kelway 107-108 (In My Younger Days/Over The Rainbow) scans asby the Admirations. Why the name change on the next release?? because it sounds like the Admirations recording of In My Younger Days.

      I’d like to hear ‘Chapel Of Dreams’ credited to Nick & The Time Spinners (no scan found) and this will be the information I need in order to credit the group as Admirations Brooklyn-NY as Nick & The Time Spinners which I believe, like you do, they are the same.

    • I’ve heard what you’ve heard and am waiting for some authority to say what happened/are Nick & The Time Spinners also the Admirations. The missing piece is Chapel Of Dreams which might/or not be the same vocalist.

  3. i have both versions of “younger days” , live and purported studio. I can send you those. please let me know and to where.

    • Thanks for offering to get the mp3s to me. The site does not accept any mp3s or share any. Sorry.

    • Changed the #s. Thanks for the extra scan location. Have you heard ‘Chapel Of Dreams?’ I still haven’t found it on youtube.

        • This is wonderful, notwithstanding the quality. I listened (one-to-one) with the Dubs ‘Chapel Of Dreams’/ Timespinners (Nick & The). The music and vocals are the same or too close for me tell any difference.

          Will you please listen to both and let me know what you think. For consistency with the site, I adjusted the Timespinners post to split the Kelway sides between the Dubs and the Admirations.

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