Terry Corin

Terry Corin & Her Boy Friends – Dream Date/ Sick! Sick! Sick!, ’60 (Colony 110) (See comment link for b-side scan.) (Not same NY group as Boy Friends on Warwick.)


Terry & The Mellos (ft Terry Corin) – Love Express/ The Bells Of St Mary, ’60 (Amy 812) (‘Mary ‘on b-side is posted as/per label scan.)


Terry Corin & The Mellos – Truly, I Love You Truly/ Why Did You Do It, ‘61 (Rider 108) (Book dated as N/A.  See comment for dating.)


Terry Corin – Twisting’ and Cryin’ All Alone/ My Ding Dong Heart, ’62 (Mohawk 127) (See comment for date confirmation.  The book did not list this release.)


4 thoughts on “Terry Corin

    • Thanks for your link to Terry Corin’s story and pictures. From your post, I’ve adjusted some dating and release orders. The book did not include the Cue-P or WIZZ songs in their listings.

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