Tangerines Groups

Tangerines (Girl Group) – This Is The Way (We’ll Catch Our Guys)/ The Answer Is Always You, ’61 (Wildcat 603)

  • Writing credits: Rudy Clark.
  • Ref Old Lynn Music.  Dist by Congress Records.


Tangerines (Male Lead/ Female Group BV) – You Know You’re Mine (Pig Latin Song), ’64 (Gina 7002)

  • On the youtube video by PJDooWop, here is a comment by “jbdalova” saying his/her mom was one of the back-up singers (age 14) doing the pig latin parts. 

Tangerines (Female Group Lead/ Male BV) – Jim That’s Him, ’64 (Gina 7002)


Note: Writing credits on both sides: Levi Mackay.