T (Unlisted Artists)

Tangents (Instrumental Group) – The Wiggle/ The Waddle, ’60 (United Artists 201) {I}

Technics – Cause I Really Love You/ A Man’s Confession, ’62 (Chex 1012) (Title correction for both sides.)

Techniques (Georgia) – Moon Tan/ The Wisest Man You Know, ’58 (Roulette 4097) (B-side title correction.)

Teddy Bears – To Know Him, Is To Love Him/ Don’t You Worry My Little Pet, ’58 (Dore 503) (B-side title correction.)

Teenagers (Frankie Lymon & The) – Pajama Party, ’57 (Roulette LP 25021) (Pajama Party is the name of the album not a song on the album.  See Marv Goldberg’s history for this group.)

Teenagers as Joey & The Teenagers – What’s On Your Mind (Vocals-Joe Negroni), ’61 (Columbia 42054)

Teenagers as Sherman & The Teenagers – The Draw (Vocals-Sherman Garnes), ’61 (Columbia 42054)

Teens (West Coast) (Little Clydie & The) – A Casual Look/ Oh Me, ’56 (RPM 462) (Artist name correction.)

Tejuns – Girl/ Nobody Knows, ’64 (100-Proof 144) (Book dated N/A.)

Tender Tones – Just For A Little While/ I Love You So, ’59 (Ducky 713) (Group spelling corrected.)

Terrie Parker With The Plushpups – ‘Cause I’m Your Friend/ A Dream In The Night, ’61 (Queen 24011) (Male artist.  Plushpups is all one word.)

Terrigan Brothers (w The Sterlings) – Hi Ho Little Girl/ Little Love, ’58 (Fortune 207) (Book dated N/A with only ‘Little Love’ listed.)

Terry Cashman & The Men – Pretty Face/ Try Me, ’66 (Boom 60005) (Scans found.)

Tex & The Chex – Watching Willie Wobble/ Be On The Lookout For My Girl, ’63 (Newtown 5010) (B-side title correction.)

The Kid – Sleep Tight/ True Love (is hard to find) [sic], ’61 (Rumble 1347) (ref Bobby Howard-British Walkers.)

Thin Men as Long Man Binder & His Thin Men – The Long Man/ I’m A Lover, ’56 (United 194) (ref Dennis Binder)

Three Dots And A Dash & Big Jay McNeeley & His Orchestra – Let’s Do It/ I’ll Never Love Again, ’51 (Imperial 5164) (A-side scan found w/o a vocal credit.  Lead is likely Marvin Phillips.)

Three J’s as 3 J’s – Always Stay In Love With Me/ Oh! Oh! There She Goes, ’57 (Glory 253)

Three Notes as The 3 Notes – Bertha, My Girl/ Lucy Lucy, ’58 (Tee Gee 106) (Artist spelling correction.  A-side title correction.)

Three Queens as Eddie King & The 3 Queens – Love You Baby/ Shakin’ Inside, ’60 (JOB 1122)

Three Vales – Blue Lights Down Low/ Aye Aye Aye, ’57 (Cindy 3007) (Spelling on B-side.)

Tom Cats (Tom Riely & The) [sic] – Fools Rush In/ I’m Going Away (Time 6603) (Scans found.)

Tommy Frontera (& Group) – After Tonite [sic]/ How To Love Him, ’60 (Rem 103) (Scan found.)

Tommy Lam (w Glenn Douglass & His Orch & The Monograms) – Blue Willow/ Teenagers [sic] Dream, ’61 (K 303) (Group name/ scan.)

Tommy McLain (& Group) – Sweet Dreams/ I Need You So, ’66 (MSL 197) (The book dated N/A.)

Tommy Ridgley (& Group) – Should I Ever Love Again/ Double Eye Whammy [sic], ’61 (Ric 978) (B-side ‘Whammy’ spelled as/scan.)

Tone Twins – Hey Pretty Girl/ How Can I Win Your Love, ’55 (Atlantic 1064) (Book listed as Twin Tones.)

Tony Farrar (& Group) – Blast From The Past/ Following You, ’61 (Trans-Atlas 14001) (Scans found.)

Tony Gilman (& Group) – Who Put The Bomp (J&S 1391) (No information was found for this title by Tony Gilman.  J&S 1391 is credited to the Gillettes ‘The Same Identical Thing/ 24 Hours Of The Day.’)

Tony Lake (& Group)Glamour Girl/ I Declared My Love, ’59 (Herald 543) (A-side spelling correction.)

Tony Landi (& Group) – Angels Cried/ Bubbily Bubbly, ’57 (Safari 1001) (B-side title correction.)

Top Kicks – Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You/ HUH? (Boolya Booten Baby), ’54 (Guyden 706) (B-side title correction)

Top Notes – Say Yes/ Warm Your Heart, ’60 (Atlantic 2080) (A-side title correction.)

Toppiks (ref Ted Mills of Blue Magic) – Give It A Chance To Grow/  Surrender (Larsam 12739) (Most date early 70s.)

Topsiders – Let The Good Times Roll/ Heartbreak Hotel, ’63 (Josie 907) (B-side added.)

Toreadors – Do You Remember (Part One)/ Do You Remember (Part Two), ’66 (Midas 1001) (Most listings are dated 1966.)

TR-4 (ref Tommy Rettig) – Never Too Young/ Let It Be Known, ’66 (Velvet Tone 105) (B-side added.)

Traditions – Forever And Always, ’96 (Saxony 2004) (Flip ‘I Gotta Go’ by The Ditalians.)

Treetoppers – She Say (Oom Dooby Doom), ’59 (Bell 107-USA) (Flip is Charlie Brown by the Runners.)

Tren-Teens – Your Yah-Yah Is Gone/ My Babys [sic] Gone, ’62 (Carnival 501) (Scans found.)

Triad’s – Nickelodeon Tango/ One More Kiss, ’56 (Encino 1002) (Artist and a-side spelling corrected.)

Triotones (Vocal – Larry Puma (w Chuck Ray And His Gang)) – Valerie Jo/ Tired Of Being A Little Boy, ’59 (Intrastate 43) (Artist completion added.)

Tritones (North Dakota) (Terry & The) – Patty/ You Shouldn’t Be Alone, ’60 (Kay Bee 6009) (Recorded in Minneapolis)

Tropicals – Sweet Sixteen (Relic Golden Groups (Best Of Specialty Records #5054 B3) (Album source identified.)

Troupers – Non-Support/ Peter, Pumpkin Eater, ’59 (Red Top 118 & Clifton 8, ’74) (B-side title correction.)

Tune Rockers – No Stoppin’ This Boppin’ {I}/ Easy Does It {I}, ’58 (Pet 804) (Artist credit correction & B-side added.)

Tunesters – Wykiup (Wick-Ee-Up) (Indian Tent)/ Casually, ’59 (Tiara 6129) (A-side title completed.)

Turbo-Jets (Cliff Davis & The) – Rock And Reel {I}/ Back Mountain Rock {I}, ’59 (Federal 12366) (A-side title correction.)

Twains (Tommy Sawyer & The) – How Deep Is The Ocean/ Fifteenth Down The Line, ’62 (Diamond 112) (Scans found.)


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    • Changed the A/B order so it matches your scan. I found this odd release info a few years ago and the scan was blurry but readable as “Bobbay.” The book listed as ‘Bobby’. Thanks for sharing yours and the audio link.

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