Sunsets Groups

Sunsets (NY) – How Will I Remember/ Sittin’ And Cryin’, ’59 (Rae-Cox 102) (A-side promo scan is ‘Will’.  Another promo scan has a taped-over credit as ‘Well.’  Lyrics are ‘how well.



Sunsets (California)

– Lonely Surfer Boy/ Playmate Of The Year, ’63 (Challenge 9198)

– My Little Beach Bunny/ My Little Surfin’ Woodie, ’63 (Challenge 9208)



Sunsets (Nashville TN) (Prod-Eddie Singleton) – Lydia/ Only You, Only Me, ’63 (Petal 1040)



Sunsets (CA-Surf-Rock Group) (Bobby Forest & Adrian Lloyd (w Adrian & The) – Cherry Pie, ’63 (Sunset 602)

Sunsets (CA-Surf-Rock Group) (Adrian & The) – Breakthrough {I}, ’63 (Sunset 602)


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