Spinners Groups (Various)

Spinners (Los Angeles) – Goofin’/ Love’s Prayer, ’58 (Capitol 3955)

  • Writing credits: Ray Stanley/ Len Castle-Ray Stanley.
  • R&B Male Vocal Quartet.


Spinners (Oakland-Pittsburg CA) – Marvella/ My Love And Your Love, ’58 (Rhythm 125)

  • While the label credits the vocals to Don Barksdale, some disagree.
    • In an article on Rhythm Records, opalnations.com, includes the gms as: Lawrence Brice, Gilbert Joseph, Robert Thomas and Maurice Allen.
  • Writing credits: Spinners/ Erica-Joseph.


Spinners (NY Label) – Birdwatchin’/ Richard Pry, Private Eye, ’59 (End 1045)

  • Writing credits: Alexander-Graham-Bell/ Jack Gale-Sid Lawrence.
  • Novelty songs.


Spinners (Texas Rockabilly) (ref Johnny Carroll) – Little Otis {I}/ Rag Mop {I}, ’59 (Warner Bros 5084)