Sparkles & Sparkels Groups

Sparkles (RCA) (Jerry Diamond & The) – Let’s Make It (Ooh-Whad-A-Ya-Mean)/ Lindy-Lou, ’58 (RCA 7257)


Sparkles (Oakland CA) as The Little Angel The Sparkles – Come On ‘N Rock/ Help Me Baby, ’59 (Award 126)

  • Book also listed group under Little Angel.


Sparkles (Oakland CA) as Lorelei Lynn The Sparkles – Bobby/ Rock ‘A’ Bop, ’59 (Award 128)


Sparkles (Poplar) – Where There’s A Will/ We Got It, ’63 (Poplar Record Company 119)

  • This girl group is not connected to the ‘Sparkels’ on Old Town.


Sparkels – Try Love (One More Time)/ That Boy Of Mine, ’64 (Old Town 1160)

Gms: Barbara Peterkin, JoAnnis Harding, Lucille Jackson and Patricia Villiers.