Skyliners Groups (Changes)

This post corrects common errors in either the book or discographies by various sources.


Solo as Jimmy Beaumont Of The Skyliners – The End Of A Story/ Baion Rhythms, ’61 (Colpix 607)


Skyliners (Pittsburgh) – The Door Is Still Open, ’61 (Colpix 188)

Skyliners (Pittsburgh) (ft Jim Beaumont) – I’ll Close My Eyes, ’61 (Colpix 188)


Solo as Jimmie Beaumont – Ev’rybody’s Cryin’/ Camera, ’61 (May 112) (Book listed as Jimmy.)


Solo as Jimmy Beaumont

– I Shoulda Listened To Mama/ Juarez, ’62 (May 115) (Book did not list.)

– I’m Gonna Try My Wings/ Never Say Goodbye, ’61 (May 120) (Book did not list.)

– Give Her My Best/ I’ll Always Be In Love With You, ’63 (May 136) (Book did not list.)


Skyliners (Pittsburgh) (Without Jimmy Beaumont-Cameo Grp) – Everyone But You/ Three Coins In The Fountain, ’62 (Cameo 215)


Skyliners (Pittsburgh) (Second Group) – The Loser/ Everything Is Fine, ’65 (Jubilee 5506)


Skyliners (Pittsburgh) (Jimmy Beaumont & The) – You’re My Christmas Present/ Another Lonely New Year’s Eve, ’89 (Classic Artists 123)



Skyliners (NY) (Leader-Frank Mayo) – Rock ‘N’ Roll Ruby/ I Do All Right (Double AA 122)



Skyliners (Florida?) (Vocalist-Tini Williams) – I Can’t Sleep (DOC 496)

Skyliners (Florida?) (Vocalists Tini and Richard) – Why Should You Taunt Me (DOC 496)

(Group location provided by a seller.  Correction welcome.)


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