Skylighters (Philadelphia) (ft Lloyd MC Bright) – How Foolish Am I, ’N/A (Emjay 6152)

Skylighters (Philadelphia) (ft Alice Bell) – That My Man, ’N/A (Emjay 6152)

  • The book dated N/A.
  • An eBay seller dated 1978 (which might have been a reissue/bootleg date).
  • Most sources date 1961.


9 thoughts on “Skylighters

  1. I understood this was released in 1961, not 1978. Do you know the year for sure. Do you know who the group members were, other than Ms Bell?

    • There are two Emjay/Em Jay labels. Label scans of The Skylighters on Emjay (Philadelphia) ft Alice Bell on ‘That My Man’ and Lloyd McBright on ‘How Foolish Am I.’ An e-bay seller lists this as ‘Modern Soul’ and dates as 1978. Any information you can provide for the 1961 dating would be welcome.

      I’ve updated the post for the Dynamics #1928 and #1935 on the Em Jay label out of Long Beach.

  2. The Disco-Phile indicates 1961:
    EMJAY 6152 HOW FOOLISH AM I 47M-2773 12/–/61
    THAT MY MAN 47M-2774

    That’s Ferdie Gonzalez’s Disco-File

    • Can you provide a link to the Disco-Phile information which might well be the Emjay release date. After listening to both sides of Emjay #6152 again, I would guess that they were recorded well before the 1961 date and certainly before the 1978 date. All artist searches for either Lloyd McBright or Alice Bell have yielded nothing. For now, I will revert to the book’s date of N/A.

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