Shells (Brooklyn) Acappella LP

Shells (Brooklyn) – Acappella Session With The Shells, ’66 (Snowflake LP 1000) (ref Wayne Stierle-Candlelite)

– Baby Oh Baby

– Baby, Walk On In

– Happy Holiday

– The Way You Do The Things You Do

– The Closer You Are

– Bad Girl

– I’m A Happy Man

– Be Sure My Love

– So Fine

– Outside Lookin’ In

– Dream

– If You Were Gone From Me

– Oh What A Dream

– Fine Little Girl

– Life Is But A Dream

– Oooo Baby Baby

The order of these titles is derived from the original album cover for “Acappella Session With The Shells” for Snowflake LP 1000.


On a reissue of Snowflake LP 1000, the album cover listings add ‘Misty’ as A1.  The title order differs on this release and the a-side scan can be seen at as ‘The Shells Sing Acapella’.


No data was found for the above releases credited to Candlelite LP 1000.  Any info would be helpful.


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