Shells (Brooklyn) Acappella LP

Shells (Brooklyn) Acappela – Acappela Session With The Shells LP, ‘66 (Candlelite LP 1000)

Track Listing:  Misty, So Fine, Outside Lookin’ In, (It’s A) Happy Holiday, Baby Oh Baby, The Closer You Are, Be Sure My Love, The Way You Do The Things You Do, Bad Girl, Happy Man, If You Were Gone From Me, Life Is But A Dream, Dream, O What A Dream, Baby Walk On In, Fine Little Girl, Ooh Baby Baby.

  • See comment for scan link.


Shells (Brooklyn) – Acappella Session With The Shells, ’66 (Snowflake LP 1000) (ref Wayne Stierle-Candlelite)

– Baby Oh Baby

– Baby, Walk On In

– Happy Holiday

– The Way You Do The Things You Do

– The Closer You Are

– Bad Girl

– I’m A Happy Man

– Be Sure My Love

– So Fine

– Outside Lookin’ In

– Dream

– If You Were Gone From Me

– Oh What A Dream

– Fine Little Girl

– Life Is But A Dream

– Oooo Baby Baby


The order of these titles is derived from the original album cover for “Acappella Session With The Shells” for Snowflake LP 1000.

  • On a reissue of Snowflake LP 1000, the album cover listings add ‘Misty’ as A1.  The title order differs on this release and the a-side scan can be seen at as ‘The Shells Sing Acapella’.


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