Shakers (Buddy Sharpe & The)

Shakers (Buddy Sharpe & The)

– Linda Lee/ Bald Headed Baby, ’58 (Fee Bee 230)

– Fat Mama Twist/ White House Twist, ’61 (Fee Bee 901)

– I’m Lonely/ The Shake {I}, ’64 (Ramble 13131-13132)

– One More Chance/ Git It-Git It, ’72 (Fee Bee 907-First Pressing) (Vocals Buddy and Cherie)

– Linda Lee/ Git It-Git It, ’72 (Fee Bee 907-Second Pressing, ’72) (Vocals Buddy and Cherie)

– Toothache/ Good Luck To You (Star 512) (Label # corrected.)



Shakers (Kentucky) (Pepper & The) – For My Babe/ Need Your Love, ’66 (Chetwyd 45002) (A-side title correction.)


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