S (Unlisted Artists)

Sabians – Your Cheating Heart/ Crazy Dream, ’61 (Yale 241-2) (Comment adds label # split.)

Sandetts – Cutting Silouettes [sic]/ Without You, ’62 (Smokey 109) (A-side title and date correction.)

Sapphires (RCA Group) – Ev’ryone [sic] Knows/ So Glad, ’58 (RCA 7357) (A-side title correction.)

Scarfs – Give A Little Try/ The Jerk Is The Thing, ’64 (Arc 7452) (Book dated N/A.)

Semi-Tones (Ron Ricky & The) – There’s A Girl In My Heart/ My Babe (Semitone 1) (Book spelled group as Semitones.)

Serenadett’s (With Teddy McRae & Orch) – Boy Friend/ The Big Night, ’61 (Enrica 1008) (Artist and A-side spelling corrections.)

Servicemen – My Turn/ I Need A Helping Hand, ’67 (Patheway 102) (Label spelling corrected.)

Sevilles (Massachusetts) (Bobby Mathis & The) – Girl In The Drug Store/ Going To The City, ’60 (Sioux 51860) (A-side change on ‘Drugstore’ to Drug Store/ scan.)

Shaynes (Vocal Barry Bruce) – Valarie/ Let’s Go Steady, ’67 (Pee Vee 5000) (Book dated 1961.)

Shells (Conlo Group) – Whiplash/ When I’m Blue, ’65 (Conlo 879) (Group becomes the Four Shells on Volt in 1966.)

Sheppards (Courtesy Of Little Walter Of Boston) – I Need You So/ The Love I Found In You, ’76 (Robin Hood 135) (Writer:  Millard Edwards.)

Sherrill Roecker (& Group) – Don’t Say Nothin’ (If You Can’t Say Anything Nice)/ It’s All Over, ’64 (Swan 4173) (A-side title completion.)

Sherry Lee (& Group) – Count Ten/ Unwritten Law, 61 (Rendezvous 147) (Scan found for ‘Unwritten Law.’  Book miscredited to Jerry Lee (& Group).

Shirley Gee (& Group) – Keep The Magic Working/ Behind The Make Up, ’61 (7 Arts 711) (Book listed as Shirley Lee.)

Shonnie (& Group) – Sunset/ (Summer Is The) Time For Love, ’64 (TNT 113) (Book dated as 1954.)

Short Cuts – Don’t Say He’s Gone/ I’ll Hide My Love, ’59 (Carlton 513) (Artist spelling as/ scan.)

Showvinistics – Dream Lover/ I Go To Pieces, ’93 (Clifton 106) (Group credited as/ scan.)

Shuffles – Do You Remember My Darling/ Dancin Lil Girl [sic], ’63 (Ray-Co 508) (B-side title as/ scan.)

Sidewinders (Jim Harris & The) – Three Chartreuse Buzzards Sitting On A Fence/ I’m On The Outside Looking In, 66 (Fabar 15564) (Scans found.)

Singing Doves (Cliff Butler & The) – When You Love/ People Will Talk, ’53 (States 123) (All scans found were as ‘Cliff Butler & His Doves’.  Most sites list as Cliff Butlers & The Singing Doves.  No scans found as ‘Singing Doves.’)

Sinners (ref Lee Hazlewood) – Nightmare/ Could This Be Love, ’62 (Eden 1)

Skytones (Sammy Lara & The) – Silly Sally/ (Please Tell Her) Mister Moon, ’59 (Gaylo 101) (Title corrections)

Smart Tones – Ginny/ Bob O Link, ’58 (Herald 529) (B-side is credited on label as/post)

Snappers – If There Were/ Big Bill, ’59 (20th Fox 148) (Label name correction.)

Snapshots – I Need You/ That’s What I Like, ’63 (Federal 12496) (Artist credit correction.)

Solotones (ref Johnny Bragg) – Pork And Beans/ Front Page Blues, ’55 (Excello 2060)

Songettes as Katie Webster (w The Songettes) – Sea Of Love/ I Feel So Low, ’59 (Decca 30945)

Sonnettes (Female) – I’ve Gotten Over You/ Teardrops, ’63 (K.O. 0001) (Label spelling changed.  FYI, B-side added.)

Sonny Harper – Lonely Stranger/ Going Back Home, ’60 (Ball 1011) (As/Marv Goldberg, the Ball 101 flip of ‘Emily’ by the Turks is ‘Going Back Home’ by Sonny Harper.)

Sonny Walker – Undertaker, ’73 (Baron 100) (Flip is ‘It’s Terrific’ by the Rainbows.)

Sonny Woods (& Group) – Together, ’84 (Relic LP 5043 B1 & Relic LP 7136 #12, ’96) (The Golden Groups-Part 21 (The Best Of Lupine Records.)

Sophomores (Boston) error – After All/ BIg Joke, ’55 (Decca 29669) (The book entry as the Sophomores is a listing error.  Titles are by Buddies (NY White Group) as Lamplighters (NY))

Sound-Masters (Los Angeles) (ref Morris Chestnut) – Lonely Lonely/ I Want You To Be My Baby, ’66 (Julet 102) (Book dated N/A.)

Souveniers (w Larry Lucie Orch) – I Could Have Danced All Night/ It’s Too Bad, ’67 (Inferno 2001) (Book spelled as Souvenirs.)

Spence Sisters – Why Did You Lie/ Do Bop Sha Bam, ’55 (Aladdin 3285) (Book listed as Spencer Sisters.)

Spindletoppers With Carl – Hey Moon/ It’s Written In Your Eyes, ’62 (ABC-Paramount 10346)

Stacy Henry & The Imperials Orch – I’m Not Ashamed/ Sweetest Darlin’, ’61 (Flippin’ 108) (Book listed BB as Dream-Timers and as Imperials.  Scans are as Imperials Orchestra.)

Staffs (Kentucky Label) (Curtis Wilson & The) – My Heart Is Made Of The Blues/ Poor Little Stray Dog, ’60 (Cherry 1014) (B-side added.)

Star Marks (Sammy Vaughn & The) – Always Be Mine/ Midnight Shuffle {I}, ’61 (Stardom 0012) (Book dated N/A.  Youtube video dates 1960.)

Star Steppers – The First Sign Of Love/ You’re Gone, ’60 (Amy 801) (A-side title correction.)

Star-Drifts – She’s Gone/ An Eye For An Eye, ’62 (Goldisc G3) (Artist credit correction.)

Star-Tels – Exterminator Man/ What More Can I Ask For, ’70 (Lamarr 1000) (Book dated N/A.)

Starbells (Terry Star & The) – My Mama Said Its [sic] Alright/ Peppi, ’63 (New-Art 1008)

Starglows (ref Terry Johnson & Nate Nelson) – Let’s Be Lovers/ Walk Softly Away, ’63 (Atco 6272)

Steelers – The Flame Remains/ Heaven’s Gift, ’66 (Crash 428) (Book dated N/A.)

Sterling Harrison – The Church Bells Ring/ Let’s Wobble, ’62 (VVVV 1001/1001 (4V)) (A Teddy Vann Production.)

Steve Martin (& Group) – Lonely Little Girl/ My Little Angel In Disguise, ’63 (Magnasound 700) (B-side title completed.)

Stevedores (Steve Stephens & The) – Weird Session/ Honeybee, ’58 (Rebel 1314) (Scans found.)

Stick Leg’s & The Butchering Persian’s – The Wedding/ Flying Twist, ’62 (Hard-Times 3002) (Artist name correction.)

Strategics – It’s Never Too Late/ I Am Looking Too, ‘64 (Lyndell 772-773) (Copyright dates 1964.)

Stringbeans – Stop Your Cryin’/ Starbright, ’64 (Gina 7001) (Title corrections.)

Sugar Lumps (Sugar Boy & The) – So Long-Goodbye/ Mamma Won’t You Turn Me Loose, ’63 (Peacock 1925) (Despite label credit, ‘Sugar Boy’ is not on these sides.)

Sugar Pie Desanto & The LaFemmes – Crazy Lovin’/ Love Me Tonight, ’63 (Checker 1056) (Book listed as Louisiana Jemms.)

Superior Angels (San Francisco) – Crying In The Chapel/ There’s Been A Change In Me, ’74 (Skylark 0023-32799/32800) (A seller says it has a 1960 sound but is likely dated 1970s with most dating 1974.  Scans found.)

Suzy Starr (& Group) – One Day/ Lover’s Quarrel, ’61 (Morgil 102) (Label # change.  Book was Morgil 711.)

Swallows (Second Grp) – In The Palm Of My Hand, ’58 (Federal-Unreleased) (Recorded in 1958.)

Swanks – Little Angel/ Keep Walkin’, ’57 (Jaguar 3027) (Scans found.)

Sweet Tymes – I Think I Know Her/ You Ought To Belong To Me, ’67 (Epic 10227) (This is a girl group.)

Swingin’ Reeds (Don Reed & The) – Why Don’t You Believe Me/ Western Union, ’58 (United 215) (No scans found.  There is some info about these sides at campber.people.clemson.edu/unitedstates2.html)

Sydells – In The Night/ The Hokey Pokey, ’63 (Beltone 2032) (Book listed as Spydels.)

Symphonics & Eddie Wilcox Orch (ref Freddie Scott) – A Blessing To You/ Come On Honey, ’59 (Enrica 1002) (Scans also found as ‘Freddie Scott & The Symphonics.’)

Syndicates (Male Grp) – The Duke/ Do What You’re Gonna Do, ’65 (Mello 552) (Book listed under wrong group heading.)

Synthetics – Girl Of My Dreams/ My Ol’ Lady (Armour 5577) (Seller lists as ‘garage rock/British Invasion.)


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