Royale Monarchs

Royale Monarchs – Sombrero Stomp {I}, ’62 (Dell 101 & Dell Star 101)

Royale Monarchs (ft Roger Stafford) – Whole Lot Of Shakin Going On, ’62 (Dell 101 & Dell Star 101)

Note: These sides were not listed in the book.


Royale Monarchs (ft Roger Stafford) – My Babe/ (Hey) Surf’s Up, ’64 (Dell Star 102)

  • Artist, title and label corrections are as/ scans.


Royale Monarchs – Great Balls Of Fire/ Teen Scene {I}, ’64 (Dell Star 104)

  • Not listed in book.


Original gms: Roger Stafford (Lead Vocals & Guitar, Dan Anthony (Jaramillo) (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Ed Loewe (Bass), Jack Schaeffer (Tenor Sax), George Haraskin (Drums).