Rockaways (Long Island) (Alicia & The) – Why Can’t I Be Loved, ’56 (Epic 9191)

Rockaways (Long Island) (Ken Darrell & The) – Never Comin’ Back, ’56 (Epic 9191)


Rockaways (Long Island) (Alicia & The) – I’m Not Going Steady, ’57 (Epic 9226)

Rockaways (Long Island) (Ken Darrell & The) – Faleroo, ’57 (Epic 9226)



Rockaways (NY) – Top Down Time/ Don’t Cry (Tomorrow’s Tears Tonight), ’64 (Red Bird 10-005) (Red Bird is a Tokens owned label not the Tokens as an AKA.)



Rock-A-Ways (Ricky Vac & The) (Ohio) – Colleen/ How Do You Think I Feel, ’61 (Hilltop 1871)


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